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I haven’t taken this class since high school!
But I improve a lot.
And making an A! 6 years ago

KarinaI feel... I have learn everything I forgot! It was about a year ago…that I started with this goal and finally I think I did! If learn more verbs I think I be on my way to being fluent in Francias! 6 years ago


...Eh…I can think I’m little faster when I think about French…but everytime I speak in French in MSN…I die….I know what to say (sort of) but the spelling KILLS ME! Help! I need somebody! Not just anybody….hehe beatles! Wo…bye

:P 6 years ago

KarinaGo to the Library!!!

...Again! I need to get those CD’s back I need them more than ever now! I have a friend in France…that I know is going to come next year in the summer! I have to know French at least to practice!....:P 6 years ago


So, I couldn´t keep away from French…so for now I am going to learn two languages…I know, I know…I should do one at the time….but I can´t help it…hehe! So I went to the library two days ago because I was DYING of boredom!! So being listening to the French audio the most. I think I should learn how to talk French first and then learn how to write it! Thats the best way I learned English…so yea… 6 years ago

KarinaYeea...ok BREAK!!!

You guys! I think I need a break from French….at least for now…don’t worry I’ll come back to it again…I just want to learn a little Italian…. 6 years ago


Today I am taking a French Placement Test to see my level of French…hopefully this summer I can take some classes!
So wish me luck!
: ] 7 years ago

KarinaBack in at the U!

Well, I am back in the University aaaaand I barely had time to look at my French book…sigh...busy with business classes and social life…Well at least two days ago I had free time to look at my French book!!! I was really happy! YAY! :] 7 years ago

KarinaSo close to finish...

...Unit 6…aaahhh! I want to get it done before the New Years starts! I want to start with Unit 7 with 2007….you know seven is a very lucky number! Oh and I also go the 501 French Verb Book, I hope that book these wonders on me! 7 years ago

KarinaWhat I need....

You know what I need, I need to learn more French verbs I might need to get 501 French Verbs to help me out, personally I think I would learn French faster! :]...lalala 7 years ago

KarinaI'm back!!!

I’m finally taking advantage of this Christmas Break I am back in track! I really feel like I actually learn something today!!
I think I am remembering at least 80% of what I forgot about French! If I keep going like this I’ll finish this goal as sooner than I think!!! YAY!!! :] 7 years ago

KarinaI stopped for a while...= (

Ever since school started I couldn’t practice or study my French. So I stopped for a while but I still remember what I learn this summer. This Christmas Break I am going to read my French book again, see if I get any better in French. 7 years ago

KarinaWow...= )

Wow…who knew that in 2 months I could remember a lot what I forgot!...Wow…my mom says that I’m getting better although she doesn’t understand what I’m saying…lol 7 years ago

KarinaJe étudie français....

Well I been studying at work for a while. In the climbing wall when no one is climbing I study my French and when I’m lifeguarding and no one is there I practice words like…Ou est la dame? Comment est la dame? Elle est blone?...non, elle est brune…stuff like that. 7 years ago

KarinaWorking on it...

Ok…So I got a book from my old French teacher about six weeks ago. And I have been reading for a while. I can say things like… Je m’appelle Karina, Comment t’appelles tu? [ Formal: Comment vous appellez-vous? ] Tu es de Caroline du Nord, Oui, Je suis de Caroline du Nord, Quelle heure est-il? Il est 9h00.
It makes me happy that least sounds like Spanish…= ) 7 years ago

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