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get a clitoral hood piercing

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xdeathoftheparty 2 years ago

AncoraImparofirst clit piercing!

Written 12/26/07
What a night. Want to hear about it? Yes? Ok, great.

I arrived at the tattoo parlor around 9 with my sister. Todd, my trusty piercer, got everything ready for me then led us into the back room. Private, well lit.

The setting reminded me of a hospital: very sanitary with an “examining” table in the middle. And, bright.
He told me to remove my bottoms, lie down on the table, and cover up with a large paper napkin sheet.

I saw that he wasn’t going to leave the room, but had his back turned while I undressed. I sat down.
When ready, he sat down as well and asked me to spread my legs as much as possible. I moved to the edge of the table on his direction. A spotlight on my body.

Soon, marked the area.
poked around.
The necessary precautions before inserting the needle.

All of a sudden, a wisp of pain shot through me, and my whole lower half jolted.

Whoooa, Todd said, you have to be as still as possible.

Duh, Frankie…you can’t be moving about…he is poking around your clit with a NEEDLE for gods sake.
Apparently, he had not even started to pierce it!
A little sensitive down there, are we!?

But I wasn’t laughing at the time, I was freaking out a little. Thinking to myself, damn this is really going to hurt.

He told me to relax and breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth.
See, situations such as these wipe away the memory of how, exactly, to breathe.
Good thing he reminded me.

I took K’s hand. Squeezed hard.
I was not sure when he would stick the needle through.
Wasn’t sure if he would count down, tell me, or just bam – stick it on through.

Suddenly, a sharp prick. I knew it was time.

I grasped K’s hand ever so tight as the pain worsened, and couldn’t help but let out an


Squeezed harder, cursed more, and was overjoyed when the pain finally stopped.

There was a little more discomfort as the jewelry was added, and balls screwed on.
But I knew the worst was over.

I stood up, quickly glanced at the shiny silver, and put my clothes back on…
I didn’t want to be mulling around in the buff and would have plenty of time to inspect when I got home.

Well, I did, and I think it looks very sexy. I love the look of the silver barbel against my shaved skin.
As soon as the slight discomfort subsides, I will feel very sexy knowing it is there. 6 years ago

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