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exercise every day

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Jenniferlouisa 3 weeks ago

shortlife 3 weeks ago

user1394152165 1 month ago

timps10 1 month ago

cigazze 2 months ago

arminkashi 2 months ago

deado 8 years ago

Marilop4 3 months ago

Mosee previous comment on lack of progress

Still the same, but I’m lacking motivation to exercise.
When I get a bike I’d like to just go cycling during the day, that will be a start. 6 months ago


3 laps 6 months ago


2 lap run 6 months ago


1 lap run

More later.

I have to get used to feeling sweat. Convince myself to like it.

Edit: did more exercise 6 months ago

Steph_Brightonbound 6 months ago


MWF – Always exercise, usually running
TR – Always exercise, usually jogging or elliptical. Lately it’s been cancelled.
Saturday, Sunday: Not really; on Saturday I went for a walk, today I did star jumps, pushups, a 10 minute cardio set, plank (not “real” exercise)

I feel very unhealthy lately. 7 months ago

Molack of progress

Haven’t done any exercise in a long time.
Once I start waking up before noon I’ll be able to spend some time on yoga and strength training. 8 months ago

DWeisberg 8 months ago

zlatovlaska 8 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseCardio: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

3 circuits / 30 minutes with Jillian Michaels.

I love that she uses kickboxing and some classic moves in this.

The whole workout is almost an hour long but I decided not to go crazy since this is my first day working out again after a while. 8 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseRipped in 30 - Level 4

Day 1. Doing one last week of this. 8 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseHuit clos

Sometimes I fele like a character in a French existential novel. I spent the last four days feeling generally “nauseated”, stewing in my own shit and depravity – may be too strong a word but that’s how it feels sometimes – and getting headaches, not eating properly, not exercising and feeling crappy and miserable.

Of course, I am back on a roll again, waking up during daylight hours like eveyone else and getting ready for my tutoring session. It’s amazing how “normal” I look when I go to work or meet people – professional, dressed, made-up, polite, sometimes warm and friendly even – but how sick I feel when I am alone and left to my own devices. I almost can’t wait for term to start so that my days are filled and I am forced to get up on the days I don’t feel like it, even though I’m kind of dreading that start of the new school year.

Anyway, worked out this morning and feel good, took out the stinking trash yesterday and did the dishes so I don’t feel slobby and disgusting.

I have decided to add more cardio to my routine – the lower belly flabbiness isn’t going to go just with strength, sadly – and not beat myself up for skipping days. I get caught up in trying to “catch up” sometimes and that just adds stress to an activity that should be relaxing. 8 months ago

Christineday 7

day 1 – one lap
day 2 – one lap
day 3 – one lap
day 4 – 1.5 laps
day 5 – 0
day 6 – l.33 laps
day 7 – one lap 8 months ago

Christineday 4

day 1 – one lap
day 2 – one lap
day 3 – one lap
day 4 – 1.5 laps 8 months ago

priorityone 8 months ago

ChristineDay 2

starting small
day 1 – one lap
day 2 – one lap (today) 8 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseRipped in 30: Level 4

Another day. Those weights feel heavy but manageable. 8 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseEnd of last week

was not very fun – had some unexpected nonsense to deal with. Anyway, meant to log my cardio workout for Saturday: 30 min of kickboxing. 8 months ago

misscaa 9 months ago

salsitxa 9 months ago

saltymarshmallows 9 months ago

LaNouvelleHeloiseWhat working out does for me

It really helps me get away from everything. When I am lonely or angry with my friends, the world, about something I saw in the news (which is often), I just have to push myself to work out intensely and I feel untouchable. As if it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me or what state my relationships are in, because I can come here and feel like this.

It’s also helped me with an ache/inflammation in my heel, gives me more energy, makes me less irritable and physically, I see better muscle tone and less dull skin. 9 months ago

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