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webbcarl 16 hours ago

sfoad 4 days ago

Optionally_MineMysterious Vanishing ..

Paid ~ Rent £500.00 ~ Arrears £50.00 ~ New Balance £6.50.

I will be phoning my housing officer as my arrears are now so low .. for an update just to make sure because I know the rent has increased this month and they also consider you in arrears if you are not at least one month ahead which is where I want to be.

Paid ~ Housing Overpayment £50.00 ~ New Balance £376.09.

I have a new council tax bill for the year ahead but now its upgraded from debt to one of my monthly bills I no longer need to post it here.

And mysterious debt .. still mysterious. 5 days ago

Golden 190Friday, 4/18/14

making great progress – hopefully cc card debt free no later than next year, if not sooner 6 days ago

littleyumm 1 week ago

kachok 4 years ago

Carlie 1 week ago

janise1185j 2 weeks ago

Matt Archambault 2 weeks ago


Doing really well with this. Got rid of all the loans, the credit card is the lowest it has been ever, am working towards being able to pay the bill monthly. Managed it this month, but won’t count this goal completed until I can do it for 6 months easily. Also need to pay down the interest free card, but not stressed about that. Mostly happy to just have paid zero interest this month for the first time in years! 2 weeks ago


Testing how this works 2 weeks ago

Deef2 2 weeks ago

dclark91 2 weeks ago

TWolf2016 4 years ago

brittjnel 3 weeks ago

Kimberly AlyssaUntitled

Get rid of student loans 3 weeks ago

Kimberly Alyssa 3 weeks ago

edstrom1740 4 weeks ago

Marisa Baer 4 weeks ago

amlooking4networking 4 weeks ago

Bekkaaaa 2 years ago

November 7 months ago

opom 4 weeks ago

futurethoughts85 1 month ago


Card #1: 2871.67
Card #2: 8860.98

So far, just this year, I have been able to pay down $2486.63 towards the debt and the current estimated pay off for Card #1 is October of this year (as opposed to March of next year). We’ve received some extra money early this year that we’ve been able to productively use. Card #2 will still take an additional year+, but that’s okay. One card at a time. 1 month ago

karpatenhund 1 month ago

Beginnings HereI think I put this back on because I am back in debt

Probably not too much

but enough

gotta get on it.

taxes. taxes. taxes.

yuc 1 month ago

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