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stop biting my nails/have nice nails

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CrazieChickI hate this habit

My nails r so short, and ugly 4 years ago


kiwilimeits about time!!!!!

I have been biting my nails since i was 5, im now 21 and still doing it, i have tried to quit so many times and have failed miserably! i would manage to grow them for a few weeks then because i have been biting them for so long they would break or i would bite at a hang nail and tada! it starts again.This time i AM going to do it! i want nice nails! 6 years ago


I had really quite nice growing nails..
until.. I either caught them on something and caused them to break so they had to be bitten off.. or I just bit them off.. so now I have like one nail that is a bit long. So.. I’m sucking at this! But.. now I have to wait until they grow again! :( 7 years ago


my nails have grown! 7 years ago


Ok, this is my new years resoultion.. It’s going well.. kinda 7 years ago

stfujaimieI haven't in a little while..

Even when I do stop biting my nails, I don’t think they will look as nice as I want them to. :(

But I only bite them when they are uneven or chipped. So I think I shall resolve to carry a nail file with me now! 7 years ago

get_it_doneDay 1

I did bite my nails today. When I am making a conscious effort to stop it, I now realize how much I actually do it. I need to stop this! 7 years ago


Today is the day I will stop biting my nails! I will make myself not bite them and eventually I WILL have nice nails!!! 7 years ago

omglush_whoreit's hard :-(

shit! I was biting my nails.. curses! 7 years ago


I’ve bought some white cotton gloves, which I’m wearing now while I work, so I can’t bite my nails as I can’t get at them. It does look a bit strange, like I’m a mime artist or something!! 7 years ago

Ronilyn RiceNever have to buy fake nails AGAIN

And now I love to paint my nails. I think I’m just less of a nervous person… 7 years ago

Lady SStarting point

I have been working on the “stop biting my cuticles” for a while, although I suck at it. Isn’t that a bit silly? Saying I suck at that goal. Anyway, I do. I don’t really bit my nails, although when they are a little broken I rip them off with my teeth. In order to make good on this goal, I am going to keep clear nailpolish on every day. I have two or three coats right now, but it starts to pick, so I will have to take it off soon. 7 years ago

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