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Visit Germany

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I leave for Germany in 19 days! AHHH! I can’t believe this trip is really happening. While part of me would love to take off with an empty suitcase and worry about silly little things like clothes and toiletries when I get there, I know that’s not the most cost effective way to travel (especially considering the strength of the Euro and the length of my stay). My goal is to travel light, comfortably, and without stress. Piece of cake ;)

So here’s what I want/need to do before my departure:

May 16-25

  • email S with all my last-minute questions
  • invest in a few new articles of clothing that fit my body the way it is now
  • find cute and comfortable walking shoes (that can also be used for work)my Toms are going to fit the bill, I do believe
  • break in said walking shoes
  • find a comfortable pair of earbuds
  • buy a small notebook to use as a travel journal
  • learn five new German phrases
  • test my new travel pillowsuccess! it’s amazingly comfortable. I now have hope of sleeping on the red eye.

May 26-June 1

  • redo my closet for warmer weather
  • contact my bank
  • contact my credit card issuers
  • exchange some money
  • figure out my phone/communication situationSkype and gchat on my phone will suffice :) I’m not even going to bother trying to get phone service if I can stay in touch with home for free over wifi. It will be nice to be relatively disconnected.
  • play with the camera settings on my phone
  • clear pictures off my phone and camera SD cards
  • create a packing list
  • check it twice

June 2-3

  • update podcasts and load up my iPod
  • download a few new books
  • download any needed travel apps
  • make copies of all the cards (ID, credit cards, etc.) I’ll be taking with me to keep at home
  • make a copy of my passport to keep with me
  • withdraw some US dollars just in case
  • transfer money into checking account
  • go toiletry shopping
  • pack my luggage
  • have some fun packing my personal item 11 months ago

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