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JillAH 8 months ago

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lob 17 months ago

Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous SufficiencyWays

These are some ways I reduce stress (not in any particular order) -

  • Prayer
  • Memorizing Scripture
  • Letting go of the need to control
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique)
  • Not overcommit
  • Stay within budget
  • Be thankful all the time
  • Smile
  • Get enough rest/sleep
  • Moderate exercise
  • Listen to music (not headbanging stuff, though)
  • Go for a walk
  • Snuggle with my husband 19 months ago

Kappy_Shins 19 months ago

dillanger 20 months ago

nabbate 20 months ago

besidequietwaters 22 months ago


I used to have stress at work almost driving me crazy with huge workloads and stuffs until a friend recommend me to meditate. I was a bit sceptical about sitting down and doing absolutely nothing like other meditation method I used to see.

At last I decided to try it .. I though to myself it’s better than never. So I began searching on Google for this website called “The Ancient Secret of Malay Meditation Arts” and tried the demo video on the main page.

After about 5 minutes watching following simple instruction in the video (by reading the substitles), I somehow manage to overcome my stress. I felt huge relief like never before and for the first time I can really feel energies flowing internally & externally from my body.

I decided to take the permanent spiritual energy activation so I could do it next time without the video. It was an amazing experience.

It has been almost a year now and not only I am free of stress I can also treat others by cleansing themselves from negative energies due to stress.

I definitely recommend this to everyone! 22 months ago

silvernirvana 22 months ago

silvers 22 months ago

knottyladyChecking In

In my last post, I described the level of stress that I found unmanageable at the moment. Today, I’m happy to report that, while I am still very busy, I am feeling much better about stress level.

The following is an update:

Temporary Stress

1. End of year accounting stuff- Most of this stuff is done, hooray! Just need to meet with the accountant now to get final numbers and close the books.

2. Best Friend #2’s wedding – A simple meeting with gentle leadership was all that I needed to reduce the stress of this project. The bridesmaid dresses is decided, the bridal shower date is set and the bachelorette party issues are hammered out. Now all I need to do is wait for later dates to arrive to do my other tasks (i.e. order the dress, help send out invites, plan the bridal shower, etc.)

3. Mom’s visit – She’s coming this Thursday, YAY! I’m making wonderful progress in getting the house ready and training the dog not be such a nightmare. LOL. It helps to remember that my mom is a pretty laid back person and cares only to spend time with us.

Long-Term Stress

1. My dog – F helps SO incredibly much with the dog. He takes the dog out to the bathroom first thing in the morning and after dinner, leaving me to walk, feed and train him. It still sounds like a lot on my plate with this dog – and it certainly is – but his help means I can sleep in the mornings and completely relax after the dog is fed at night. With the energy I save, I can afford to manage the dog during the day. It also helps to start Couch to 5k, which should exhaust the puppy enough so that he is converted to Good Dog in the daytime. :)

2. Cats in their senior years – My cats are amazing. They are old, quirky and grumpy, but are AMAZING at helping to train the dog. I love them to bits and pieces… Whatever would I do without them? Go Team Kitty!

3. Running my business – It’s running almost on automation, allowing me to focus more on F’s business.

4. Working F’s business – I finished a very important piece of marketing material, which alleviated a large load off my back and plate. Next project is to update the website, but at least now I am now one down and two to go on my project list.

5. Meal planning and cooking meals – I started meal planning and prepping my salads ahead of time, which helps SO much.

6. Household chores – I’m not sure how this happened, but I am so incredibly on top of laundry right now. I think doing it every day makes the loads so much smaller that folding it all takes no more than 5 minutes a day. I still have to fit in my daily vacuuming responsibilities, which now that my load is a tad-bit lighter, I can remember to fit it in.

My Plan

1. Buy dog/baby gates – I have two big spaces to gate and boy does the large space make it expensive! I refuse to spend over $300 for just two gates. Still working on this issue.

2. Wake up earlier – Since F works out early and is interested in running with the dog and I, this means that I* will have to wake up early for these workouts. My mind and body will complain when the alarm sounds, but I know it will be AMAZING to have that extra time during the day to get my stuff done.

3. *Declutter – Started that today. So easy, fast and feels fabulous at the end.

4. Meal plan on Sundays – Working out awesome not only for my stress level and time, but the pocketbook as well.

5. Vacuum right after lunch – I did do that today. I’m going to create reminders in my phone to do this daily.

6. Focus more on Mom more than the visit itself- I think my excitement for her visit will help me in this area. :-)

7. Write about it – With that extra time I’m getting from waking up early, I am sure to have the time to write about my progress!


The following are additional things I’ve done to help my stress level:

1. Drinking a Diet Coke for lunch. – After swearing off soda for YEARS, I am drinking the stuff again. Why? Because I am just a lump of meat post-lunch. My mind is completely out of focus, my body is running out of steam and my emotions run a bit low – this, by the way, can all be exacerbated by weather where the sun is not present. Anyway, desperate times call for desperate measures, so I started drinking the stuff for a boost. It seems to be working beautifully.

2. I went out and had a great time. – Two super fun birthday dinners plus a date reloads my socializing needs. It’s such an empowering experience to dress nice, fluff the hair and go out in the town. I need to do this more often!

3. I’m reading more. – I have to stay up later to accomplish this, but at least my mind isn’t racing a million miles a minute as I lay my head down to rest. This makes me relaxed, more energized and generally happier overall.

If my stress level remains the same by the end of next month, I think I can declare this goal as finito. :) 23 months ago

knottyladyAcknowledging the Stress and a Beginning Plan

I can feel my heart racing as I type this.

Creating daily entries about my days allowed me to see how incredibly stressed I am. My muscles are tight, my patience runs short, my weakness against sweets is shameful, the hairdresser confirmed that my hair is thinning at the top, and I feel like I’m about to cry or scream 10x a day. For the sake of others in my household, I need to reduce the stress ASAP or risk snapping into something ugly – a prediction rapidly coming to fruition with each passing moment.

Temporary Stress

1. End of year accounting stuff- The good news is that it should all be over by first quarter reporting.

2. Best Friend #2’s wedding – This includes planning for bachelorette party, bridal shower, helping with the wedding itself, buying/altering my dress, etc. Thankfully, this will be over in June. Hurrah!

3. Mom’s visit – My Mom is not stressful; it’s the visit itself that is. This includes moving F’s office into the garage, shortening my work days to spend time with her, and making sure the dog doesn’t drive her crazy. Everything will go back to normal by beginning to mid-February (though I will miss her absence)

Long-Term Stress

1. My dog – This includes caring for, walking, and training my 64 lb beast. It’s helped though having F pitch in quite a bit and thankfully the puppy’s calmed down a lot. What stresses me out is his tendency to drive the cats crazy and his mandatory daily one hour walk even when my limbs need a rest day.

2. Cats in their senior years – This does a number on my soul, my poor little beings. They are old now with a touch of senile, I think. They are not happy with the dog’s obnoxious nature, and every so many months pee near the front door to voice their displeasure with whatever they are unhappy about, which only happens only every few months but it’s still something never used to NEVER do. Their vet visits and the costs associated with it is also a burden. Aaaah!

3. Running my business

4. Working F’s business

5. Meal planning and cooking meals

6. Household chores – FlyLady’s been a big help; her suggestion for daily laundry keeps me on top of it even though it means doing laundry daily. Unfortunately, I don’t always have time to finish all my chores, which means the clothes to fold piles up, the insane rate my dog sheds causes us to sneeze and sniffle, the dishes pile up in the kitchen, we end up zig sagging through our piles of stuff, and there is a layer of dust on all surfaces. We have a crew that cleans our house every other week, but since we work at home, two hours of zero productivity is costly, so hiring them more frequently is out of the question.

My Plan

1. Buy dog/baby gates – Keeping my beast confined in an area should help me keep an eye on him and allow the cats areas to fully relax.

2. Wake up earlier – I could wake up earlier to walk the dog, freeing up more hours in the morning to work. Unfortunately, that would mean cutting into my bedtime reading time to accommodate sleep. Since the weather’s warmer this week, I’ll try this out and see how it goes.

3. Declutter – Less stuff = less cleaning

4. Meal plan on Sundays

5. Vacuum right after lunch

6. Focus more on Mom more than the visit itself- In reality, she doesn’t care about anything but being in our presence. I need to remember this!

7. Write about it – Writing it helps me vent and sometimes seeing it written out makes it seems less scary than it feels.

This won’t entirely solve the stress problem, but it should be a good start for now. 23 months ago

knottylady 23 months ago


Go running three times a week 23 months ago

aconway001 23 months ago

vcg3rd 2 years ago

Winter2012Goals 2 years ago

carlaekl 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteThis is a little frightening.

Now that I’m paying attention to my stress level, I’ve realized how much of the day my stomach spends in knots over possible confrontations or problems. Bad enough I’m stressed, but now I’m worried that my stressing out is over things that haven’t even happened and that may not happen. It’s like I’ve been permanently switched to flight or fight mode.

Maybe I’m noticing it more since I’m no longer over eating in an unconscious effort to keep my serotonin up in response to an almost constant flow of cortisol? It’s probably more complicated than that, but I sure hope this CBT works so I can just relax already! 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteThought Journal, Part 3 Homework

Weekly: take the self test until you get a score of ten or less, which means normal.

Daily: Spent 15 minutes every day for a month or two doing a thought journal with three columns.

First Column: Automatic thoughts. (Self-criticism; Not descriptions of emotions)

Second Column: Cognitive Distortion

Third Column: Rational Response (Self-defense)

Also, keep reading this book. Almost 600 more pages to go. Yikes! 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteThe key? Be more like Britain.

I love this picture:

Because even if you didn’t get gold, you still got a @#$& Olympic medal!

Actually, even if you didn’t get a medal, you still got to go to the @#$& Olympics! 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteThought Journal, Part 2

This has turned out to be trickier than it sounds. The first part simply involves writing down your unpleasant thoughts. That I can do. Step two is to identify the thought using the list of cognitive distortions. It probably isn’t necessary to get that part 100% correct, which is good because there’s a lot of confusing over lap. Finally, you write down a positive thought more appropriate, rational, and realistic to the actual situation confronting you.

Wow, my thought and reactions to mildly stressful events are off the scale. This technique could really help me, though now I’m stressed out over my crazy, crazy mind. I wonder what it’s like in other people’s heads? 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteMore techniques

1. I like the deep breathing technique, which is just taking 5-10 slow, deep breaths when you get stressed out.

2. And then there’s this thought stopping technique: 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteStart a thoughts journal

One of the interesting things I came across in my stress reduction research was to cope with negative thoughts by entering them in a thoughts journal, using CBT definitions to identify the cognitive distortions, and then write a positive thought to counteract or replace the negative one.

It sounds like a lot of work, but I do bombard myself with glass half empty thinking and often painful thoughts. Internally, I am a stressed out mess even though I’ve gone to great lengths to control my enviroment to reduce the causes of stress. If changing the way I think can help me live a healthier and happier life, surely it’s worth it.

I’ve got David D. Burns, MD, The New Mood Therapy in hand. I plan to reread it to help me with this goal. I haven’t read it since college, but it was very helpful back then. 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteMore research

Another interesting article:

I might try the fish oil supplements, if I find evidence to support their use.

I may also try the CBT techniques as I want to use it support my weightloss efforts as well.

I’m going to make some music playlists as listening to music is a technique that seems to keep coming up.

Journal writing is something I’ve done a lot of in the past and it does seem to help. You can only grumble so long before coming up with some solutions or even just acceptance. Right now, all my writing time seems to be spent on 43 Things.

Keep a sense of humor and laugh more. Actually, that’s always a good idea, isn’t it?

Deep breathing exercises and Enviromental awareness seem pretty tried and true. I’ll hold those in reserve for extreme situations.

Own a pet. I’d love a dog or cat, but my beloved horses will have to do for now.

There’s also a section on alternative medicine. Frankly, my experiences have always found these to be a waste of money at best and outright dangerous in some cases. So, I’ll be avoiding them until some hard data supports some specific technique that I think would be useful. God knows the government is throwing enough money on researching this stuff at the moment. 2 years ago

milma 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteAnother article I liked:

I thought these tips were useful:

Tips for Reducing Stress

People can learn to manage stress and lead happier, healthier lives. Here are some tips to help you keep stress at bay:

Keep a positive attitude.

Accept that there are events that you cannot control.

Be assertive instead of aggressive. Assert your feelings, opinions, or beliefs instead of becoming angry, defensive, or passive.

Exercise regularly. Your body can fight stress better when it is fit.

Eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

Learn to manage your time more effectively.

Set limits appropriately and say no to requests that would create excessive stress in your life.

Make time for hobbies and interests.

Get enough rest and sleep. Your body needs time to recover from stressful events.

Don’t rely on alcohol, drugs, or food to reduce stress. Ease up on caffeine, too.

Seek out social support. Spend enough time with those you love. 2 years ago

Harmless DilettanteStress and Weight Gain

One of my big goals right now is to lose enough weight to reach the normal BMI catagory. So, I’ve been reading and watching lots of stuff on obesity research. I was really surprised to find that stress causes the release of cortisol, which in turn triggers appetite and causes your body to store excess fat around your abdomen. Abdominal fat also has some part to play in hormonal secretion, but that wasn’t well covered.

I’d like to reduce my stress level anyway, as I can be a bit Type A. I think I’d be a lot happier, mentally healthy, and productive if I could learn how to either avoid excess stress or find better coping mechanisms. I’d really like to learn to stop stressing myself out with negative or anxious thoughts.

Step 1: Research this and figure out a plan. Tips from you guys are always appreciated as well.

I’ve already watched the National Geographic special on this, which was interesting. Being at the top of the social hierachy seems to really help.

I also read this article: 2 years ago

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