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get trashed

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I go to WVU, a well-known party school. I recommend going to a bar, getting wasted, and going home with someone. You’ll kick yourself for a while, then have a really funny story to tell everyone. Pretty much anything you can do to embarrass yourself while trashed is something you’ll laugh about later. 5 years ago

Drifter79another dead soldier

I made this a lifestyle for quite a few years. It’s not wha tI would call a really good lifestyke thing, but every so often, man does it feel good. When you do it though, I reccomend doing the really great trashed things:
1. Drunk dial someone- maybe an ex, maybe someone you like, whatever
2. Drunken email -I write a lot of really good heartfelt poetic crap when I’m trashed and then send it to people (a couple of my professors know what’s up)
3. Dance- this is best slightly before the trashed faze, while you are still just really drunk
4. Draw/paint/etc -hilarious the next day
Like I said, it can be fun. Best with friends. Really will tell you about you. 7 years ago

REDSJH7 *bleeping* 30!

I think everyone should do this at least once. I remember this one time with B on a Halloween, at least I think it was Halloween…no, I’m sure it was. At anyrate, it was fun, and hilarious, and messy. 7 years ago


Looking forward to finishing Uni for the year, go out tear up the dancefloor and get absolutely munted!! FK YEEAHH!!! :D 7 years ago

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