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Make a Tricorne Pirate Hat

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Pirate Hat How To Make

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stitching leather sucks. 5 years ago


i bought my leather and cut the pattern out… the crown awaits to be stitched coz i have forgotten to buy some thread, but the brim is stretched on the pot and the cockades are clipped:)

coooohohohohoooool:) 5 years ago

rubikkockagetting close

Today i figured out how to stretch my hat as it is supposed to be stretched. I need a flower pot! ooooh i was so happy when it came to my mind. monday ill go and buy some leather anyway for my sandals ill be making, so i guess i gotta buy some leather for my hat too. and a well-sized flowerpot…(ill look funny with it on the street, considering that ill buy some tees and paints and other stuff too…nevermind) i became so excited over my hat that i made it from paper, just to see how much leather i need… and its cool. itll be hip:D
(and again, ill fuck up sooooooooo much money…:S)

yea. 5 years ago

CatfiddleShanghai Lily

It’s been impossible here in the land of Oz to find a decent pirate hat for sale,either too cheap and tacky or ridiculously expensive so I’m going to have a go at making my own for my character and Pirate partner in crime…so that’s two hats!We entertain on a Pirate tallship ‘round Sydney Harbour and have our own ‘PIRATE SHOW’....aarrgghhh…...... 5 years ago


I am new to this site and purchased a nice stretched felt hat at Fort Niagara at the reenactment of the frenc/Indian war it ead wonderful!!! Met tons of ppl in their garb and now would like to make my hubby the tricorne pirate hat. All they had there premade was straw…nice but I liked the felt better.
can you possibly let me know how you did it…I would really appreciate it.
have a great day,
lizzie 6 years ago


I just got a wide-brimmed cloth hat and bent up the edges and stitched. Yes, cheating, I know… but it worked, didn’t it? The people at the theater told me I had the best costume they’d seen. ;D 6 years ago

seanvwhat I found out

I’ve wanted to make a Tricorne hat for a while now, too. Last night I decided to figure out how it’s done. That’s actually how I found this site!
But I found out that most hats are actually one piece of felt that is stretched and steamed into the right shape. I had no idea-I thought they were sown somehow. So, this site might help.

I also found a site that makes hats inspired by the PotC movie:

For most tricornes, it’s simply a circular wide-brimmed hat with the brim either steamed into shape or sewn to the head part. As soon as I find out where to get a hat block, I think I’m gonna get this done. 7 years ago

Katieits a must!

i found a site that detailed the steps they used to make a leather one for their jack sparrow pirate costume and i really really want to make my own.

its impossible to find a decient pirate hat for sale they are all costme quality and not for everyday wear which is essentialy what i want, not some cheezy plastic thing with a skull and crosssbones on it.

i simply must do this, it simply needs doing. 7 years ago

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