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eat raw for one week

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tons_of_tofuLast day for Dead Foods

Tomorrow I go RAW for one week. It’s exciting. I did it a few months ago for a few weeks here and there, but would like to commit again. I am planning on doing the master cleanse soon and feel like this would be a nice way to prepare my body…mmm…clean food. 6 years ago

Sporadic AchieverSuccess!

Done! At least it will be in another few hours.
I have noticed an increase in energy—just like last time! Although it’s not practical for me or within my budget to eat 100% raw all the time, I’m certainly going to include more raw food in my diet. Hopefully I’ll eat about 60-70% raw from now on. 6 years ago

Sporadic AchieverCyanide poisoning?

So I’ve been snacking on apples, which has lead to me leaving apple cores all about the place. Then it occurred to me, why don’t we eat the core? So aside from the minor inconvenience of the cyanide in apple seeds, I’ve started eating the whole apple, core and all. 6 years ago

Sporadic AchieverMy fridge is usually empty

I have a fridge full of fruit and vegies and I’m ready to go! 6 years ago

Sporadic AchieverEager

43things’ personal challenge feature is verrry smart. I can only have 1 at a time, so it is making me eager to finish this goal just so I can begin the next one. Next time I go shopping, it’ll be all raw, alllriiight! 6 years ago

Sporadic AchieverJust 1

I’ve gone raw once before—I can’t remember for how long. But I do remeber the distinct boost in energy at the time. I want to see if the raw diet was reponsible for this or if something else at the time caused it.

The raw diet makes my grocery shopping more expensive than I’m used to, but if it means a repeat of that crazy-always-on-energy like last time, it’s worth the money.

Plus, the raw diet agrees with my goal for clear skin. 6 years ago

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