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user1396630627 2 weeks ago

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donna_donita 4 months ago

Shabana Kauser 4 months ago

Sweetlady_2013Ashamed and Embarrassed, feel ugly

I want to be able to smile with fixed teeth and lose weight. I have been through so much this year. I have a Christmas wish list. This is on top of my list. Need Extreme head to toe makeover. I am always made fun of and told I’m fat. It hurts my teeth and made fun of also for teeth missing and messed up. Please bless me with this Christmas wish. I am a beautiful woman inside, not outside. 5 months ago

Sweetlady_2013 5 months ago

useshannon2000 6 months ago


i honestly need to win a makeover i just had a baby i constantly work and i always feel like i cant do anything right ive gained so much weight and i cant seem to lose it im afraid im losing my boyfriend to these model looking woman he doesnt do anything for me anymore no flowers here and there or he doesnt introduce me as his girlfriend anymore when we go somewhere and it hurts because i cant look that good i dont even bother with makeup because i dont know how to do it and my hair dont even bother anymore i just need my self confidance back and i feel this would do it so please consider me i would be so greatful 6 months ago

amendez511 6 months ago

izzy321 6 months ago

k2thalo08 7 months ago


I need a makeover badly. Ivr been tryi g yo lose weight and find a new gairstyle and makeup that would work o me. I need mu teeth fixed. I gey so depressed since people want to judge me since I’m missing a tooth. I don’t like to be out since clothes are my worst enemy so I dress in baggy clothes that makes me look even bigger. I hate looking in mirror. Pr gping on job interviews. Please help me 7 months ago

pensfan58 7 months ago

RonelB 7 months ago

judea31 7 months ago

livelaughlove2127 7 months ago

Smiley_Loni 9 months ago

Smiley_LoniI want to feel beautiful

Hi my name is Kayla, I am the mother of a beautiful one year old princess. I’ve been feeling down lately, because I’ve let myself go. I feel unwanted and ugly at times and get depressed about the smallest things. I feel like a makeover would make me feel better about my self. I know its called self-esteem but the way I feel when people look at me and called me pretty makes me sad, because I don’t see the person they see. A makeover would make me feel so happy at this point. I want to get up and feel pretty enough to just take my daughter outside. 9 months ago

samcorrea07About me...

My name is Samantha Correa, I am about to be 23 years old. I am a mom to a beautiful girl named Kierra. Ever since I had her she is my everything. I don’t do stuff for myself anymore, I do it all for her. I have been letting myself go and feeling unsatisfied with my looks, very depressed. I feel like a makeover will give me the confidence I need so when people say I look pretty, maybe I can believe them for once. I feel like it will be not only important for me and my self esteem but for my family and especially my little girl. I believe if she sees mommy happier with herself, she will be much happier. If you give me this opportunity it will definitely make a have a huge impact on my life now as well as my future :) 10 months ago

samcorrea07 10 months ago

siodhfra123 10 months ago

user50904 11 months ago

taresa21 11 months ago

taresa21Why we deserve a home makeover

This last 12 mths have been the hardest of my entire 29 yrs of life. Early last April i was hospitalized while on vacation with our family in So Ca. My poor kids were forced to give up their disneyland dreams to stay with nearby family while i was in critical condition in the University of Irvine hospital for 5 days. Then more recently this Sept my dear mother became ill from a long term alcohol problem. I spent 3 months with her, 1500 miles away from my family. As she slowly passed. i was able to hold her hand and tell her i loved her as she took her last breath on this earth. My husband had to care for 3 kids while working 12-14 hr shifts 5 days a week and they greatly suffered while i was away. MY husband even spent his 29th birthday at my mothers funeral consoling me as much as possible. I would love to win a home make over just to give back something to my amazing family for really being at my side, being my strength and understanding even though they had to struggle without me for a while. I would love to win this to raise their spirits after the rough times we have gone through in such a short time and to see their happiness of a fresh new start even if its just a home make over 11 months ago

February2 12 months ago

JaLeenOneA Fresh Begining

I would love to be your candidate for a new makeover. Life has thrown me so many curve balls. Due to years of illness, I did not believe I would see my 45th birthday. I am blessed to say that I made it. I have already began my makeover. I am losing extra pounds as I cover new territory! It is a new season and a new day! Mentally I have started the journey. I do experience occasional setbacks emotionally…fear of the unknown..is it too late for me, can I still?? Then I shake the dust off of my feet and persevere! I believe that a total makeover would skyrocket my travels! 12 months ago

JaLeenOne 12 months ago

Wisdomelf 13 months ago

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