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Use all of my "cheers" every day


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Sarah Kay14?!

It’s time 13 months ago

Sarah Kay11

bomb 14 months ago

Sarah Kaytime for

another bombing :) I hope people don’t think I’m stalking them lol 14 months ago

Sarah Kay11

Bombing time 14 months ago

Sarah Kay11

yep, time for a bomb! So glad I ran across that idea! Too bad I can’t remember who gave it to me :( 14 months ago

Sarah Kay12 so

Early in the morning? And I already used 3… time for a cheer bomb :) 14 months ago

Sarah KayI just had 9 cheers

and I finish writing my entries, and theres 9 more! Wth do I do with them? lol… time for a cheer bomb. 14 months ago

Sarah Kay

Sarah Kay 20 months ago

Sarah Kaythis is starting to get hard

write more entries, people! lol 16 months ago

Sarah Kaywow.....

I had 22 cheers today! :o By the time I was down to 14, I had to go tend to my children. When I came back I was up to 16 again! lol… It was a little more difficult than usual, but I’m glad I was able to give back to people that cheered me and cheer some peopele I hadnt before. Thanks to everyone who cheered me today, or any day. :) 16 months ago

Sarah Kaywell

I’m really bad at this lol. The site seems to be working now but I’m kind of paranoid that if I keep using it it’ll stop working lol.. but I did it today :) 17 months ago

Sarah Kayunfortunatley

the admin has still not helped me resolve the issues ive been having using 43 things on my phone. i only have access to a computer on the weekends, sometimes thursdays. so ill do the best i can and leave this up hoping eventually ill be allowed to use it on my phone again. 19 months ago

Sarah Kay:o

How did I get 10 cheers? Lol, I’m working on it! 20 months ago

Sarah KayUntitled

I thought about doing this the day I signed up, and I’ve done it a few days. I was worried I’d end up giving out cheers just to do it, but really, it hasn’t been hard to find goals I can really support. Seems like there’s a really great group of people here, truly wanting to make the world and themselves better. :) 20 months ago

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