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Stop caring about him

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I need to stop..
I cried today, because he was going to Cuba for his prom. =\ I should be happy.. 5 years ago

tgglamourHow do I stop caring ?

Im 5 months pregent and he dont seem to care about me as much as i care about him. It’s hard to let him go but i know this is something i need to do now. Because im hurting 6 years ago


well, our son is seven months old, and he hasnt called to see how hes doing in almost a month. what a fucking dirtbag. everyone said having his baby would make it harder to get over him, but thats what did it. seeing what a horrible father he is just makes me want nothing to do with him. my baby is so great, i dont know how anyone goes five minutes without thinking about him, but i dont think my ex ever cares. what a loser i cant believe i ever dated him 6 years ago

tanya_qthat one guy

every one has a relation ship with someone they just cant seem to stop caring about, and mor then likly its the one guy that dteserves nothing more but for you to hate his guts, but i cant seem to go threw a day and now think about him. i want a day to come where he dosnt cross my mind, but i really dont think that day is comming any time soon. 7 years ago

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