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Kat 4 years ago

KatUpdate for 2014 (Way overdue)

I think I’m on my way. I decided to go back to school, mostly because I felt that it would be a stepping stone to a job that wasn’t something I felt I wanted, but was interesting. I’m enjoying my studies, I found a job that’s relevant to it, I’ve met a lot of great people and I feel that I’ve got endless opportunities waiting for me when I finish.

I honestly am not sure if I’ve actually figured out what I wanted to do with my life, but now I feel that I’m not just wandering about aimlessly. 2 months ago

jothemoe 2 years ago

Sarah Urquidez 2 months ago

useitorloseit 3 months ago

LipglossKiller 11 months ago

LipglossKillerBff assisted epiphany!

I want to open up a dance studio. 4 months ago

S_Prasad 4 months ago

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Jeannie P 7 years ago

Amy CoxTake it day by day.

A good friend of mine & Stewart tried to cheer me up yesterday.
They said that if you can’t figure out what you want to do then figure out what you want to do TODAY.

I guess its the same as taking baby steps, a great technique for any goal. I can never figure out what I want specifically, or always want more or something different.

So what do I want from today?
Honestly, Nothing really. I have been at work all week, plus overtime and today for me should be about relaxing before going back tomorrow.
Usually doing nothing would have bugged the hell out of me but I need to learn to take a step out of stressful life.

So I am going to watch a movie, do some knitting and if I decide I want to do something different then I shall, If not then I won’t.

Inspiration and motivation will come to me I am sure… Hopefully one day. 6 months ago

Amy Cox 7 months ago

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Spanish teacher Spanish teacher Spanish teacher 9 months ago

Noa Gortler 9 months ago

theydontcareTwo main themes of my dreams

Most dreams focus on just 2 themes:

1. The fear/regret of the elapsing/-ed time;
2. The nostalgia of the childhood neighborhood:

Like the dream I just had during the nap: on a late Saturday night bus, with all the blur objects passing by out of the window, I was anxious about the almost finished weekend, regretting about having done nothing/played nothing. The bus stopped at my childhood neighborhood, I wandered on the street and tried really hard to reconcile the true fact that I am in another country and the dream fact that my commuter bus took me to my childhood neighborhood. 9 months ago

theydontcarestill no idea

yep, I guess I need a big picture about how to live my life, not just a shortsighted view of what I need to do for the time being. 10 months ago

Celeste_55 10 months ago

lauramonsterr 10 months ago

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