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PelicanBirdDay One - Anonymity

Wanting to express my self. Put thoughts on paper. Not be judged.

Because no matter what… They are my thoughts.. I must own them. 1 month ago

PelicanBird 1 month ago

puppetman2013 1 month ago

Ava 1 month ago

AnnaNetter 3 months ago

sian2244 3 months ago

daisymate 3 months ago

Mitsou 15 months ago

heloisehall 3 months ago

mpjimenez 3 months ago

echcandothis 3 months ago

SammyMannateea good day for this :)

wrote in my diary today, quite a good update, poured out some negative feelings and felt a bit better afterwards. 4 months ago

betterlife2012 4 months ago

heymichi 4 months ago

Saph 4 months ago

milocat222 5 months ago

Phoenix3years 5 months ago

makosloski 6 months ago

ShadowsCursed 7 months ago

sedola 7 months ago

emileivers 8 months ago

dugulam 9 months ago

jem21 7 years ago

bercem 12 months ago

TodelouOne more time

I have actually marked this goal as completed before – but that was a long time ago. It is time to take it up again. Why? Because it:
  • Makes me sleep better
  • Helps me put things in perspective
  • Helps me practice my writing skills
  • May be valuable to have in the future
  • is an excuse to by pretty note books (should have been at the top)

In fact, I have already started. 12 months ago

Todelou 5 years ago

sapphiremist27The ultimate tool for the sentimental, nostalgic, and growth driven person

I keep mostly a thought/reflection journal.

I’ve realized I’ve been writing down my thoughts since I was 6 and started my first “diary” with stickers and all when I was 10. I’ve been pretty consistent and the gaps between writing were, at the longest, a month.

Nothing too exciting happened till I was 16 and then things really got going (I’m now 22). Tons of thoughts and realizations about friends, family, myself, and life.

I simply kept track of where my mind wandered to in quiet hours when I was alone, the time when I would get my best thinking done. It’s inspired me to spend more time alone and just question so many things I’d never think to while with company and my attention is divided.

Slowly you start seeing themes in your thoughts, personal truths come to light, self awareness, a desire to grow and improve. Most of these things are natural to some people, but writing is still an excellent way to explore and delve even deeper into your thoughts. It’s a way to track your evolution as a person, it’s like leaving breadcrumbs so you can find your way back when you get lost. Not to mention how fun it is to go back and read things from years ago. 13 months ago

sapphiremist27 5 years ago

luciatko 14 months ago

karen40611 Feb

Started on 1 Jan and have only missed a very few days – if it takes 28 days to form a habit then I’m nearly there:-) Have meant to do it for years, I have one friend who has always kept a diary and I’ve admired that. I must be very blessed, it’s already interesting to see how much I’ve experienced in just one month! 14 months ago

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