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Re-learn Algebra

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EcalairIt has to be done

My school forced me not to take Algebra in my senior year because I didn’t have a 75.
Now I have to re-learn it for college and to re take the SAT.
Bugger this is gonna be hard. 5 years ago


I am starting college in Jan. and I hated math in High School so now I am having to do this all again..I should of listened in the first place. 5 years ago


How did I forget this stuff?? 5 years ago


I am 43 going back to college and I need to relearn Algebra. I totally forgot how to do it. Fractions,Integers,all of it. 5 years ago


So I took a couple years off school and I’m at the point where I haven’t taken a math class in about 5 years and now I have to take college algebra in the fall and I can barely remember the basics. I found a website with lessons and practice problems for each one and I’m working on getting through those. 5 years ago


Starting to get most of the examples right. Beginning algebra is complete, now working on intermediate algebra. 6 years ago

olor1nalmost done..

on unit 21 of 31 in “Forgotten Algebra” 6 years ago


See how much I forgot 30+ years ago. 6 years ago


hi 6 years ago

KellyJellyBeanThis is the ONLY subject, I never seem to grasp.

I really think the part of my brain that processes numbers has a missing part! College Algebra was a nightmare for me, no matter how many hours in the math lab I spent, or studied, I still could not get it right on a test! :( 6 years ago

MonkeyChuggles789So much fun.

Yeah, somehow I didn’t have any trouble re-learning it. It’s still a lot of fun. 6 years ago


Took several classes to refresh, then moved into college algebra, then, statistics, then quantum reasoning, getting ready for trig, then calculus….Who knew, I never even took algebra in high school now I’m tutoring other people in algebra. It’s really cool. 7 years ago


Yep 7 years ago

kilbey1First steps

I took the first steps to this by enrolling in an Algebra course (at a local University) that starts next week. 7 years ago

MonkeyChuggles789I don't just want it, I need it.

Well, it happened when I was sitting in a Florida hotel room. I was watching TV, relaxing, and realized that I start High School next month. So…I’d like to re-learn it after I’ve forgotten everything from 8th grade, and stay…at least somewhat ahead of the class. 7 years ago

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