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knit enough pairs of socks so I can wear hand-knitted ones every day!


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Kate 6 months ago

KaliTime CamaralzmanKnitting For Myself

I am determined to focus on myself once my current queue of projects is completed. I have a few more things to make for friends and then it’ll be all about me me me me me.

I have a lot of sock yarn and I’d like to make a lot of socks with it. My plan is to knit them straight through to 2015 without stopping. As I am buying no new yarn due to my yarn diet, I should be able to get this goal completed.

Currently on the needles, I have four socks on my 60” circular via magic loop method. Well, four cuffs in progress to be precise. If I pull this off, I’ll never knit just two at a time again.

I am surrounded on all sides by books and patterns and I fully intend to use them to my benefit. Yay. 6 months ago

user1399367280 7 months ago

Andrea409Ho, ho, ho! - Pair #4 complete!

They’re done! I love them! Christmas socks! :)

So vintage Christmasy without being too tacky. Love the pattern, love the yarn, love the colors.

The pattern is called Jaywalker and is free on Ravelry. I didn’t get bored once working on these; I couldn’t believe it. I’ll absolutely make this pattern again.

As with the Halloween socks, I wasn’t sure if I should include these for everyday wear. Frankly, I doubt I will. I’ll likely reserve them for the month of December only. Accordingly, I think I should increase the number of pairs for this goal to be ten, rather than seven.

Ten pairs it is. I’m nearly halfway there!

Oh, and my Kitchener stitch has improved so much! The toes of these socks look even and tidy. I’m thrilled! 7 months ago

Andrea409Jingle, jangle, jingle

I’m just about done with the first sock. Usually, I can’t stay focused on socks, but I’m having a ball knitting this pattern. I had to modify the heel and toe shaping slightly, because the pattern was written specifically for dpns, and I’m using magic loop. Off I go to finish sock number one and cast on for sock number two!

My Kitchener stitch never comes out evenly. I’m hoping by making more pairs of socks, this improves.

This is a stock photo of the yarn I’m using. KnitPicks Felici in Jingle. It feels odd to make these at this time of year, but I never got around to making them last year. This year I’m using up stash. I’m really bummed that KP is discontinuing their Felici line; it’s easily my favorite sock yarn. I’ve no idea where I’ll find affordable, self-striping sock yarn now. :( 8 months ago

Andrea409I've started pair #4

I haven’t gotten very far at all – maybe knitted about an inch or two so far, but they are in-progress. Woo hoo!

I really want to get my sock mojo back. 8 months ago

AlsanderaOne pair down, one pair almost down

I have a pair of worsted-weight house socks finished. I like them, and I’m getting over the holes I knit into them, but they’re just enough too big for my feet that they drive me crazy. Mom’s coming over today, and if she likes them, she can have them.

I’m also working on a pair of no-pattern socks with Felici spooky – which I bought before they decided to discontinue Felici. It’s Judy’s magic cast-on, increase to 56, 3×1 rib on the top half of the foot (need 1.5” more here), then I will do a Fleegle heel and 3×1 rib on the leg. I really don’t like striping yarn of this size. I like smaller stripes or hand-painted/tonal a lot better.

Can anyone help me with a pattern question? I like the look of the lace for sockophilia on Ravelry, but I wanted something completely different (a shawl or cardigan). But can anyone tell me what type of lace that is (or what I should be looking for) so I can try to find a shawl pattern? I’m looking for a word or phrase that I can put into a search engine that might help me find something similar. I’m having no luck and would prefer not to pay for a pattern that (probably) won’t help me with what I really want. 9 months ago

AlsanderaOh, well

Bought ~$50 worth of hand-painted sock yarn, and I swear I’m not buying any more. I have… enough yarn for 9 pairs of longish socks, if I can ever settle on a pattern and yarn that go well together! Right now, I have patterns, but all of them look better in hand-painted, which I don’t have. I have striped (which I’ve decided I hate) and a very mildly variegated/tone-on-tone that I think would look fabulous in lace, but I just don’t feel up to lace yet. I need more practice in something else first…

Also, I did finish a pair of worsted socks. I’m mildly pleased with them since they feel good, but they’re way too loose for me – and have lots of holes around the ankles for the obvious reason. I have not yet washed them, though. After I do that, I’ll decide if I want them or if my mother needs new house socks. Her feet are significantly wider then mine, though, so these might be a bit small for her. Sigh.

What the worsted socks mean to me: I like them, the idea of them, the squishy of them. I hate heel flaps and the way they feel, and I hate the designer of the pattern I decided to use. I have learned some very important things from that. NO MORE HEEL FLAPS. EVER. And don’t buy that yarn again. It’s pretty, but it’s weird. 10 months ago

AlsanderaHalf fyi, half complaint

Why oh why does everyone have sock yarn on sale right now, all at the sale time?

Dear readers, knitpicks has 20% off sock yarn, and lion brand has 20% off the non-clearance sock-ease. I have my eye on about 100 bucks worth of yarn I sure as heck don’t need. 10 months ago

creativecallingPair one cast on

I got about three inches into the first sock in my quest to have only hand knitted socks. I’m knitting Cookie A’s BFF socks, from Knit. Sock. Love. Nice easy patteen to take my mind (and restless hands) off of nicotine. 10 months ago

creativecallingCookie A here I come....

Purchased enough yarn for two pairs of socks today (some malabrigo and some lush Madelinetosh) and also bought Cookie A ’s book. Think my first pair are either going to be the BFF socks or Stalagmite. Treats for quitting smoking :) 10 months ago

KaliTime CamaralzmanEvil Socks

Six months, six hours and six days ago, I cast on for these socks. I finally finished them this morning. Never again. Never again will I take so long to knit socks.

10 months ago

creativecalling 10 months ago

Andrea409Pair #3

These poor socks took me nearly a year to complete. I’m glad they are finally done.

Did these two-at-a-time. I have to say it was nice not having to keep track of how many rounds I knitted on each part of the sock in order to make both the same size. And it is definitely nice to be done with both at the same time. That’s the definite advantage to knitting two-at-a-time. 10 months ago

AlsanderaEnd of January - bored

So not only can I not finish anything (other than Z-bear’s coat!), I just don’t have the drive to do anything right now.

Projects – WIP:
  • Trying to use some of the materials I have, so I started crocheting… something. Beats me what it is, but it was a blanket pattern. I think it’s going to be a placemat. I hate crochet.
  • That darn sock. I got 1/2-way through the heel, and I just ran out of steam. I need to pick this back up, but it’s giving me a headache.
  • Another use-up-what-I-have-but-don’t-like-working-with project. It’s supposed to be a blanket/pad-type thing for the kids to sleep on. Since they (well, girl-cat) like laying on my knitting projects so much and I don’t like this yarn, they’re getting their own. I will probably frog the scarf I made out the the yarn earlier to make it wider. It’s just arm-knit, so I have no issues repurposing it.

Projects – forthcoming:
I have nothing planned, really. I can’t find a knit pattern I like for the blanket I want to do. I bought the yarn with an arm-knitting project in mind, so I may not have enough, anyway. I found a crochet project I liked the looks of, but when I tried to make a smaller version of it for practice, I decided I can’t stand crochet. Which is kind of sad, and not only because it leaves me with 12 balls of yarn and no project. 10 months ago

KaliTime CamaralzmanRound 23 of the Feet!

I am so sleepy right now. So, I am writing rather than knitting and thus saving my work a lot of mistakes.

Below is a picture of the socks before I got into the feet of socks three and four, including the two finished socks. One day, I’ll learn to knit four socks at a time and then, I’ll be invincible.

I’m really hoping to get these finished before I go to donate plasma and platelets. I want to wear these (yellow) socks when I’m on the chair.

In case anyone is wondering, I knit my socks two at a time via magic loop method. It’s an invaluable skill to learn. 10 months ago

AlsanderaNot socks...

So instead of doing sock-learnin’ I made a pair of fingerless mitts and started this. It’s for my niece and about half finished and the pic is bad on purpose since it’s a surprise… My helper stays here, though.

(I have been practicing sock toes, keep getting some random hole, haven’t even attempted trying heels yet. Do, however, have some really pretty tonals for a lace pair eventually. ) 11 months ago

KaliTime CamaralzmanRound 59

I’m currently incoherent from knitting all night and my finger is sore from knitting this past day and a half. I’m going to take a break, read my book and come back to this knitting later once my finger is less sore.

I’ve got fifty nine rounds done so far and twenty five rounds left to do before the heel flaps in these socks. Tandem magic loop knitting is really working for me, though I am soon to switch back to two sets of circular needles to get me through the heel, turning and gusset parts of the socks. 11 months ago

KaliTime CamaralzmanMagic Loop is my friend

I went from seven to twenty five rounds on the socks via magic loop method in the space of two days. If I had gone at that rate on a pair of worsted weight socks, I’d be finished in a day and a half of knitting.

I still don’t know how to do the picking up of the gusset stitches via this method though. That could send me briefly back to two circular needles for that alone. Then, once I’m in the foot, I’ll switch back to Magic Loop technique.

I just got some more sock yarn from Knit Picks yesterday. I can’t wait to see what that looks like knitted up. One skein of fingering weight yarn is going to be my Spring/Summer scarf but the rest is all for the feet. :) 11 months ago

KaliTime CamaralzmanSock Madness

I’ve got six projects to go and then, sock madness will ensue.

  1. Gloves for my friend. (Two at a time)
  2. Socks for myself and my friend. (Two at a time)
  3. Hats for myself and for The Maternal Parental. (Two at a time)
  4. A hat for my friend with the Mythosaur emblem on it.

After this, I’m going to attempt four at a time on two circular needles. I’ll probably fail dismally, but it’s worth a shot if I can get this stash of yarn busted.

I’ll also be making more house/bed socks. The big stash busting order I had turned out to be busted. My client changed her mind at the last second, leaving me with a box full of Red Heart yarn. With this, I’m going to make a dragon and a lot of socks for lounging around the house in. 11 months ago

Andrea409Two pairs down!

I realized that I had forgotten to include a pair of Halloween socks I had knit in October. They are seasonal, but I suppose they qualify as socks I could wear on a daily basis.

Hope they don’t frighten you all too much; they are rather spoooooky, after all.

(These were made with KnitPicks Felici Spooky colorway.) 11 months ago

AlsanderaTwo things...

So… That’s stockingette? ._. I feel gypped. If learning this stitch were on my list, I totally could have knocked it off, but alas.

And while I generally like magic loop and circs, I found myself getting more and more frustrated when working on a pair of mitts this week. I bit the bullet and ordered the DPN set (sock-sized, totally won’t help with the mitts unless I get new, tiny yarn instead of the fluffy yarn I tried to use – which, yes, may be the prob) and ordered some new cables (60”. 40”) that may help with the mitts. I also ordered two balls of fingering yarn. If I can’t make a pair of socks out of each of these 200-yard balls, I have a bigger problem than I think.

Does anyone else have a problem thinking about “fingering” yarn with a straight face? 11 months ago

Andrea409They do exist, I swear!

I’m still (since May) working on my pair of two-at-time on one long circular needle. To clarify, I’m not really working on them. But they are sitting in my project basket…alongside three different sweaters and a crochet project. I just can’t stop knitting sweaters and shawls! Maybe I’m an addict. Maybe there are meetings for folks like me. Maybe I’ll finally wrap up these poor, unloved socks once summer arrives. Maybe I’ll eventually get sick of knitting sweaters.

Whoa, that is a whole lotta maybes. The good news is I think I can safely say I’m familiar with the techniques of knitting two at a time using magic loop. So, I crossed that off my list.

As proof of their existence, I offer you a photo of said socks on the needle. They are so freaking cute that I know I’ll wear them constantly when I finally finish them. So why do I keep avoiding them? 11 months ago

AlsanderaGoing to be awhile

Since I just took up knitting in November, this is going to be awhile. I can cable just fine, and I’m fairly decent at following a pattern, but I definitely can’t make an entire sock yet. (I’m working on market bags, but they’re coming out more like lunch sacks… Now imagine that on the sock level. Well… Irishka3 junior needs socks, I’m sure… Does this make me a dorky aunt?) Just thinking about the thread required for socks gives me the heebies.

And I probably would have to learn whatever the “stockingette stitch” that I keep seeing is… 12 months ago

Alsandera 12 months ago

misscello 12 months ago

Aoifecebus 16 months ago

vivacekate How many?

I’ve been thinking through this and I think I am going to try for ten pairs. I was thinking seven at first, enough for a week, but since grad school starts in the fall and it’s entirely possible that there will be times when I don’t do laundry every three or four days, like I usually do, ten seems more realistic.

I want to make two pairs of ankle socks for wearing with Converses or similar shoes, and at least three pairs of knee-highs. The others will likely be mid-calf or knee-highs as well.

So, one pair of ankle socks finished last night, nine more to go. 17 months ago

vivacekateI've made so many socks

But I always end up giving them away to other people! Time to start keeping some pairs and working on building up a lovely, warm collection for myself in time for winter to arrive in London. :) 18 months ago

vivacekate 18 months ago

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