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fall head-over-heels in love with someone who is head-over-heels in love with me

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sherlyI think..

I think I have fallen head-over-heels in love with someone who is head-over-heels in love with me….

It feels great….

:) 4 years ago


never have to worry ever again. 5 years ago

dharmastarwill it ever happen?

it doesnt hurt to dream… at least for me i dont know how much more to dream. i always try having a hope in my heart that “the one” is already somewhere hiding in this planet, but at the same time when in this world is he gonna show up i dont want to be the girl who ends up with some dude just because she thought he was the one or no one else, im not picky but i know what i want and ive heard from ppl ur never gonna find exactly what ur looking for so might as well settle down and be ok with what or who comes u way. but WHY!!!!! why should i have to be content with someone or somethingi know is not in my plans, as much as i want to fall in love and have a movie like feeling for someone i dont want to just be with someone anyone. and i am not picky but i do of course have my preferences which are very very simple so i dont know why it is so god damn difficult for me to find my one! all i want is a person with true feelings, with a huge heart, a person who loves animals and nature, a person who can express their feelings on a pieace of paper, a person who makes me something for a special occasion such as a song a poem a picture rather than to buy m something some other man created,a person who is free of labels, a person who seeks freedon im all of its aspects,a person who loves adventure and doing new things without been afraid of falling, a person who would love me for who i am and how i am, now for the superficial aspect i want or prefer a guy light eyes i dont know why i have a thing for lighter color eyes such as green, blue baby blue anythiung that reminds me of the sky or nature lol thats just the superficial part of me tho all of the above are waaay much more important of course. but this man i have in mind never shows around me and if he does he’s not mine he’s either someoneelses, doesnt even notice me or is gay…. :( realy really all i want is just to fall in love. 5 years ago


i have always dreamt of doing this. i some times feel if this is really possible , to be crazily in love with some one :) as in movies. before writing this goal i thought for a while whether its realistic or not then i felt im surely gonna give it a try. ive always been positive , so i have afeeling that im gonna do it some day :) 5 years ago

cksongbirdThat about sums it up for me . . .

An ally who will walk with me through life so we can hack it out together. Oh yeah, and kiss along the way! 7 years ago

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