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Recent activity

WestofMarsWhew, been awhile

Well, the revised Trevor’s Song is out there, and now with a brand-new query letter that everyone likes better.

Unfortunately, we’re heading into the publishing biz’s slow period. I doubt anything much will happen this month. 7 years ago

WestofMarsHere we go again...

The manuscript is out at my reader’s, being read (presumably), and based on what she says, it’ll either be more revisions or else back out to market. I’m hoping for the latter. 7 years ago


On hold for now, as I rewrite Trevor’s Song and man, is it GOOD. (and I loved it before) 7 years ago

WestofMarsI hate my recent lack of progress

but I really like how the rewrite of Trevor’s Song is going! 7 years ago

WestofMarsDo I, or don't I?

Spent a chunk of time investigating POD today. You know what? If you’re going spend the money, why NOT do it yourself and do it right, the way YOU want, with the cover YOU want and all the rest?

One thing volunteering for Metallica taught me: do it right or don’t bother. 7 years ago

WestofMarsThose demanding fans

Those demanding groupies of mine… they want new bookmarks. They want ShapeShifter t-shirts. Needless to say, they want a book in their hands…

I swear, I’m going to have this entire business going in support of a book that isn’t in print yet.

Hello? Publishers? Maybe you oughta jump on the bandwagon here?? 7 years ago

WestofMarsqueries, queries everywhere...

Antheras and I rewrote my query letter today, and then I told her to go on and send it off to Evil Editor with my blessing. Any bit of publicity helps, right? 7 years ago

WestofMarsFor my road crew...

I picked up the copies of Trevor for everyone today. Now to write everyone a short letter and get them in the mail. 8 years ago

WestofMarsbeen a long time coming

I’m currently shopping what will be my debut novel. You can learn all about it at west of Mars or West of Mars Blog—come join the fun! 8 years ago

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