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overcome my shyness more often


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beyondmanyGiving it a try

Showing up goes a long way. Just the act of showing up can help form the courage needed. Remember the brave accomplishments in the small things like showing up to an event. Don’t underestimate its importance. 3 years ago


hey everyone

I’m jace and I love dancing or at least now I do. I was at parties frequently and i was always the wall flower. At one party I asked my friend to dance and she said yeah.

My advice is get off your butt and dance because you have to try really hard to not have fun while dancing 4 years ago


Sometimes it’s just hard to go up to someone and say hi! Or that cute guy next to you in school, and you just can’t talk to them without blushing, so you don’t talk at all. I just want to be, ‘normal’ and beable to talk to whomever i want to without blushing or feeling embarassed. 6 years ago


I still need to work on it, but I’ve come a long way. 6 years ago

MaireNiIt is getting better.

Went out with a friend and her 3 friends and found it really easy to get on with them. also talking to alot more ppl at work and being more open. I have found that alot more ppl are making an effort and talking to me 2.
Also talked to a complete stranger who was in a queue in a bank with me.
Will be going out to a 30th birthday celebration of a person I know a small bit. There will be alot of ppl there that I dont know so I am planning on making conversation with at least 5 ppl. 6 years ago


Get a job 7 years ago


Well, I’m much more at ease in social situations than I was a couple of years ago, so that’s a start.
But I can’t seem to identify a reason to why I am shy. I think it’s just natural – I don’t have a low self esteem or even care that much about what people think of me, or anything else that might cause it.
When I’m with my small group of friends I can’t shut up, but put me in a situation with people I don’t know that well and I can’t even hold a simple “Nice day, isn’t it?” conversation. It’s as if my mind sort of switches off and I can’t think of anything to say. It may have something to do with the fact that it takes a very long time for me to open up to people … I don’t know.
I really need to be more relaxed when I’m talking to people. 7 years ago


I AM 17 YEARS OLD AND I AM EXTREMELY SHY…..I CANT BE MY SELF IN SOCIAL SITUATIONS…MY VOICE COMES OUT VERY LOW..NO ONE CAN HEAR ME…I HAVE 0 FRIENDS….YESYERDAY WE WENT TO A PARTY WITH MY BROTHER AND HIS FRIENDS ı couldnt talk…ı just sat ın one posıtıon looked at people..they were havıng fun and me ı was so depressed anxıous…ı felt that everythıng ıs bad and ı wıl be lıke thıs tıll the rest of my lıfe 8 years ago

Nikki KaNikkiUntitled

A year after I wrote this goal for myself, I have come out of my shell. I am not the shy, self conscious girl I was then. I might still have bouts of shyness but not the consuming, nerve-wracking mess that it was then. I guess I’ve grown into myself and who I am. 8 years ago


i’m finally recovering from the las vegas set back. i’m starting to feel like my old self again. that means i’m pretty shy instead of painfully shy. 8 years ago

Lyle EChance

Ok, i have a chance to do this – i’m seeing a girl who i REALLY like this weekend, if i can ask her out i’m officially crossing this one off.

Wish me luck! 8 years ago


after a weekend of major setbacks, this goal is not going so well 8 years ago


lately, i’m not doing so well on this goal. :/ eeh, bygones. 8 years ago

ChristinaMarieGetting in contact with people

I’m okay with reaching out to people if there’s a good chance they’ll reciprocate. It’s rare though that I’ll be okay with rejection though, and I need to gradually get to that state. 8 years ago

ChristinaMariesocially avoidant

I’ve been reading Living a Connected Life by Kathleen Brehony, which has been thumping me every four pages with some sort of epiphany.

I don’t feel connected. I feel removed from my family, physically and emotionally, except for my immediate family. And yet I’ve lived in my house for about 20% of my life, and have been married for 30% of my life.

I’m hoping going through some courses and having growth experiences will be good for me. Buying a scooter’s been great for me socially, although it’ll be a while before I can scoot with my fellow MAXIs, and the sport-touring motorcyclists don’t know I exist, even though I can go at the same freeway speeds they can :P. 8 years ago

ChristinaMarieWorking on this - January 2006

I’m meeting more people, this is true. I’m not shrinking and shriveling so much from other people. I find smiling while I walk in public helps, and I’ve even started 2006 more or less introducing myself and talking to strangers, swapping cards and going on rides. 8 years ago


I cannot say that I have succeeded in doing this entirely, but I have learned to cut it up and toss it out the window on occasion. I think my shyness has always been connected to my fears and I can often overcome this by just throwing myself into life. It doesn’t always work out for me, however, since I exhibit signs of social anxiety, but primarily during very specific circumstances. It’s odd, because in only certain types of situations am I particularly shy and closed off, mainly because I automatically try to protect myself, but when I open up and feel comfortable I’m a virtual chatterbox. Other times I appear most confident and laidback. I never quite know which character I will take on next and why I feel inclined to do so. There is always so much on my mind, I think & think, so I might be apprehensive to express those thoughts so freely that when I finally do, my essence just shines through. 9 years ago

Daniel O'ConnorI've Learnt To Be Rude

It’s great! 9 years ago

KristenI think I can consider this one done.

I met up with two women - complete strangers - last night to knit with and it… wasn’t that bad. I think I could still stand to work on not getting nervous and talking too much, but otherwise it was pretty good. The end. 9 years ago


I met up with one of my few friends and, without mentioning it, she brought one of her other friends with her. And at first, I was kind of pissed and really anxious, but I was able to suck it up and get over it pretty quickly. I think it helped that I had a knitting project with me, so a.) I had something to do with my hands and b.) an excuse not to make much eye contact. I was still kind of shy and tried to compensate by talking TOO much, but in all it was okay and I felt pretty good about it afterwards. 9 years ago

Nikki KaNikkiI guess

I’m slowly getting comfortable. 9 years ago

Daniel O'ConnorI mostly did this

Lets just say it was worth it! Cuddles rock! 9 years ago


First, I must remember I will not shrivel up and die if people say “no.”
Second, I must remember that some people are as afraid of me as I am of people in general. I forget often it doesn’t take much for me to be intimidating. 9 years ago

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