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sabryn 7 years ago

sabrynHow is it

that I can be completely unmotivated, yet want to take on more projects simultaneously? I can’t get done what I have going now, and I want to start a blog! Take a class! Take on more work! Get pregnant!

Seriously. What is my deal? 7 months ago

dancingmomJade/Yoni Egg

Apparently my doctor thinks there’s not enough activity down there, suggesting I purchase a jade egg and use it with a 1/2 lb weight. She also suggested I purchase a copy of 5o Shades of Grey and ensure that I have a quality Big O at least 3 times a week minimum to insure blood flow. So my yoni project has begun. All three of my sisters had hysterectomies, not trying to follow in their footsteps. I would really like to purchase it from a brick and mortar establishment….. see and feel what I’m getting. Seems I live in the wrong state for that to happen, or maybe I’m just out of touch because Michigan is not exploding with Tao stores. All the same my catholic school background is slightly a flutter,(apparently she wakes up from time to time). Forging on and wondering what size to get if I have to order online? 8 months ago

dancingmomI've been enjoying the seduction of inadequacy for awhile now

A good friend told me that if I want to “get my groove, life or whatever it’s called”, I would need to get selfish. He angered me when he said this. I was raised Catholic and as a current truth student, this just didn’t fit with my perception of things.

When in all honesty, my lifestyle consisted of me giving myself away and being upset with others when they did not reward me for it. He was right and I was a self proclaimed martyr. So as it stands for me selfishness = self preservation. Coming out of the martyr mentality and caring for myself, first even….. wow evolutionary concept. All the same this is me currently evolving, and though it’s often scary, must admit… I’m loving it. 9 months ago


Not sure if this is a hormonal blip (this cycle has been truly bizarre; I’m still cramping even though my period ended two days ago) or if I just really need a long weekend (which I have set up, but have to wait a few weeks for). But man, I’m stressed out.

It’s not any one thing, but the accumulation of the past couple of weeks. My fuse is about a quarter of an inch long. It takes irritatingly little to move me to tears. I’m worried and tense and frustrated and sad and just…ugh. Yeah, that sums it up. I’m ugh.

So all of my good intentions have gone skittering out the window. The dishes? Who cares about them? I do laundry when I have no clean bras, but just pile the clean clothes on the dresser rather than put them away. The only housework that’s been done lately has been done by R. I’m not even showering every day (every other day – I’ve not completely gone off the tracks), though it’s ragweed season and I really should wash my hair before bed each night. I’ve made no strides on my to-do list, my gum/caffeine goals (in fact, I’ve been backsliding), or…well, anything.


There’s no real purpose to this post. I just wanted to whine a bit. Hopefully I will un-ugh soon… 15 months ago

lovijo 22 months ago

sabrynokay, I'm not dead yet

Had a weird, but nice, dream last night about…well, never mind that. (No, it wasn’t dirty. Perv.) Suffice to say, I am not a dried-up husk of my former self. Good to know. 22 months ago

sabrynFor the first time since I was single

when the doctor asks if I may be pregnant, I can say without a doubt that I am not.

The hormones are leveling out – finally – but I still don’t know how parents manage to find time to…well, you know. Somehow I lose whole days doing not much of anything, if the state of my floors and counters is to be believed.

This coming year, I’m going to work on getting my act in gear, so I don’t feel so scattered and rushed. And maybe even rejoin the ranks of women who don’t know if they’re preggers or not. 2 years ago

Flash 4 years ago

Lioness63 2 years ago

indigoliquidd 3 years ago

broomnboomstick 2 years ago

kaleidoscopelady 3 years ago

indigoliquiddReally happy

After having another down slump, I’m feeling really good again. Brad and I had a discussion over lunch at Panera Bread. About how we would try harder to not take offense when the other one gets upset. And about really working through things. I told him that I didn’t want to be like my parents anymore than I already am; a lot of the time at home, they are tense and have short tempers. On Saturday, I visited my friend who is about to have a baby. Her parents were home, and they were just so nice, soft spoken, not loud or obnoxious. And I was like “wow, this is a really great atmosphere to be in.” To myself, of course. That’s what I want to create for myself. That’s more of the person that I want to be.

So I reminded Brad that I was trying hard lately (OK, the last week and a half) to be better tempered, get things done around the house, and not get upset that he gets upset when I get upset. (yea- that’s a vicious circle). I also called his attention to the fact that I have been doing a lot better with the “cooling off” side of having temper flare up.

In general the past 2 weeks, I’ve been trying really hard to just accept myself. Accept myself, but also push myself to be better (like trying to not hate all over the people at work in my mind…if I’m filling my mind with hate, that makes me a hateful, angry, judgmental person). I am trying to be kinder to myself. Keep up my motivation to go to the gym. (Exercise is good for the brain—both for focus, concentration, thinking, and all the good happy hormones it produces…plus it’s good for the body and gets the blood flowing.)

And one of the best parts of my life lately: the institution of the online book club! It’s been a long time since I read on a consistant basis. And while reading, tried to pick out things in the book, think about them, and then discuss them afterward. Plus I’m working with two amazing women who have great writing skillz and beautiful minds. It is really making me think, getting my writing juices going. I actually used to be a pretty decent writer (of papers and essays). Since school has been over, all my writing is hodge-podge.

Something else that is cool about the book club: we’re doing it blog style, and I’m the one with the blog on my account. It’s up to me to get the discussions started and write my thoughts out first on each section that we read. That is really something for me. Normally I wait until someone else speaks because I think my ideas are dumb. I worry that people are going to think bad things about me. It is also atypical of me to take on some kind of leadership. I’m a born follower. All these stupid confidence issues; I wonder what it’s like to have never had to deal with it. The good news is, I’ve been making really big steps forward. I know that I I’ll have bad days and also step back. I need to keep on this upward trend. 3 years ago


insecurities creeping up that haven’t surfaced in many years…tells me that I’m in a pretty shitty place.

I feel totally disgusting most of the time. It’s not good to carry that stuff around. I’m certain it affects much more than I care to admit. 3 years ago


Hooping guy, Baxter was speaking about self imposed bars and I took it to heart.

I will practice living in truth and breaking down these bars. These restrictions, insecurities and limitations hold us back in hooping as well as in non hooping life, he says. So true. 3 years ago

kaleidoscopeladyA really cute

thrift store find dress. It was a style I wouldn’t normally choose. It is my typical black and white printed but high waisted wide belt, form fitting. I definitely had to suck it in.

I dyed my hair black and it took a blueish tint which I love. I painted my lips red and niece and i went to see the vagina monologues at the theater down the street.

It had nothing to do with looking good for men but I did feel nice and put together, a little sassy.

Great show too, all the performers were really good.

I still hate my body though…I definitely now understand that I am resisting caring about romance because I don’t feel I am loveable in my current physical state.

What a fucking shame.

A little belly and I’m now worthless. Really? Knowing it’s absurd doesn’t make it disappear though. 3 years ago


Nothing soothes the soul quite like girlfriends.

Last Saturday (as in not this one just past, but the 5th of November), I got to have girl time and watch V for Vendetta with one of my besties, then got to see another one at night for a group viewing of the Sabres game.

On the 7th of November (Monday), when I was still feeling like death, I had an hour long phone conversation with my other best friend (dating back to middle/high school).

Then the rest of that week I was e-mailing with two other girlfriends. There is something about communicating with people that really gets my soul going. Something about just talking (or typing) and really getting a good train of thought going. That is really missing from my life right now. And I think it’s really important to keep my mind active (kind of sad that I’m already thinking like that at the ‘ripe old age’ of 24).

At work I do the same repetative things over and over, short e-mails here and there, text messages here and there, but very few ‘real’ conversations. Not even with my husband. I’ve mentioned it to him before, and he always tells me that if I want to talk, well talk. But the thing with husbands… sometimes you actually have to say “well let’s just talk.” But with girlfriends… it just kind of happens. 3 years ago

kaleidoscopeladyNerd groove.

My ex, who is trying to reconnect with me keeps telling me how “beautiful” I am.

Granted, that should feel good but it really does not.

I know far too much about him. I know he is looking for a “pretty girl”. I am not that girl.

I have a type of beauty but after 5 years of knowing me, I’d expect he’d base our relationship on more. But I digress on that one, I really do. It’s a losing battle.

The point is, supposedly there are men who are looking for more substance.

tap, tap, tap, tap…waiting.

I’m choosing to wave my nerd flag just as free as I please. I’ve never gotten by on pretty and I’m not going to now.

I half joke when I equate groove with make up and hair…though those things continue to be important to me. My style is an expression of myself and not a mirror of trends or an attempt to be overtly sexy.

Maybe that will appeal to someone eventually. 3 years ago

kaleidoscopeladyadded benefit

Leaving the house every day for a walk has encouraged me to put on a little make up and be presentable.

Saw a very attractive man walking his dog today…a little sidewalk flirting. haha. 3 years ago


I need to find a balance between growing older gracefully..not being vain and still feeling sexy.

What is sexy in the context of a 35 year old woman?

This shouldn’t be too difficult. I certainly haven’t “gotten by on my looks” to this point. I have plenty else to offer…..don’t I? ;)

Sexy almost always evokes a young woman in my mind. This has to change if I’m to love/value myself and my sexuality.

I should get a new groove, not get my groove “back” lol…that groove is goooone. 3 years ago


I wrote the previous entry and then felt sexy today. What the heck?

The kids are gone for the weekend. At first I felt really lost and useless. I went out and hooped a few times…which turned into hours.

Here’s a little video evidence of my increasing groove. 3 years ago


no make up, baggie clothes and need a hair cut.

I feel pretty good but if I am being honest I hate my body. That can’t be a good place to be at all.

All of my clothing is too small.

I have never had this problem and I am not taking it well.

I feel I should not hate the way I look as much as I do but also I cannot just accept fat as acceptable (for me).

I need some new clothes that fit but I have no money at the moment. I may be able to sneak to the thrift stores and buy some dresses.

I’ve never been a big t shirt type of person and now I am. God, I feel so frumpy and nasty.

It occurs to me last night that this is part of the wall that keeps me alone. I stay fat to keep men away or I keep men away because I feel fat…? haha. hmm

I don’t feel sexy by any means but most of the time that is totally ok and a bit liberating in fact.

I’ve never been alone this long, I think. It’s very strange, very strange to not be in touch with my sexuality. 3 years ago

indigoliquiddMy groove was on it's way back

but this week has been a total downer. I’m pretty un-motivated and un-focused (especially at work). My groove. I need to figure out where it went to and get it back. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of the optimistic, upbeat, cheery person I used to be. Before I was cynical, anxious, and sarcastic.

I am trying to be more positive and motivated at home, which always helps. One of the best things in my life right now is that my husband always knows the goofy, silly, or sweet things to do or say to me to get a little smile and giggle. Those are always bright spots on my dreary days.

Right this moment I had the thought that maybe my mood was suffering (especially today) since it’s been utterly dreary _out_side. Very rainy and overcast today. I’m not ready for a gloomy winter yet. :( 3 years ago

kaleidoscopeladyeye make up

I think this may be helpful. I rarely wear make up and if I do it’s really quick. I’d thought the clean and natural look was kind of nice. I was once even called “bold and confident” for going with only a little liner and mascara for a date. What the heck? Anyway. I may glam up my eyes for a few days and see how groovy I feel. Sounds fun. 3 years ago

kaleidoscopeladythis sounded

like a good idea when I wrote the goal but now I wonder what the heck it means.

I think initially, I had wanted to dress and behave more as an adult than I do, as opposed to daycarelady/mom.

I think I’d envisioned things like sexy/sophisticated dresses and adult conversation.

I am so damn isolated. I’m not sure if the isolation has made me more fearful or if I just lack the desire to get out more. 3 years ago

kaleidoscopeladyi may have to

redefine “groove”. I’ve been a bum lately. 3 years ago

kaleidoscopeladyfunny thing

about grooves.

I wear dresses probably 85% of the time. The past few days I’ve been wearing baggie jeans and tshirts and have actually felt really cute. Part of it is feeling less restricted, I imagine and hiding the rolls and such. Part of it though, is just the cuteness of being really casual and comfy. I don’t know. I dig it though. 3 years ago

kaleidoscopeladystarted the day

in a ratty tank and lounge pants. Mid day, I changed to walk to the salon to return the mannequin head I had borrowed. Cute-as-heck black and white skirt I found thrifting last weekend and a teal tank, a little make up. I felt pretty sassy. 3 years ago

kaleidoscopeladythis is not

to find a man per se. I would just like to remember and rediscover the woman I am who is not my job, who is not just a mom.

I guess I will discover it as I go along but I think there would be some care for my personal appearance involved. Not that I’m a slob, but maybe go that extra step to feel…womanly.

Probably having some adult friends and conversations, going dancing, that type of thing would help along the way. 3 years ago

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