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mholikStill like

Scand art gallery
Write books? Cookbooks
Biological photog
Write for websites?
Food photog
Sell art 14 months ago

mholikPreeeettty sure

I want to be my own boss. But what kind of business?

things I am absolutely NOT interested in:

Things I’m possibly interested in or at least knowledgeable about:
agricultural/greenhouse/landscaping: could open a greenhouse
animals: a rescue or something similar
crafts: retail art/craft supplies, workshops
art (gallery owner, dealer, artist?)
Food: restaurant/brewery/mead, bee-centric, cafe (combo cafe) cheese
design services (meh), web design, marketing
bikes: sell, rent fix? what…
photography: but other than freelancing how is that a business?
traditional skills (old school)
media (ugh, this is so vague) but I do know a lot…

I’m finding that I bust ass and use my skills to help grow and improve OTHER people’s business, often while dragging them kicking and screaming. (Oh, and getting paid way less than I deserve.) So why the hell shouldn’t I just do it for myself?

My strengths:
-media savvy
-design savvy
-hard working
-excellent sense of aesthetics and what people like
-clear thinking
-strong organizational skills
-good communicator
-honest and have integrity
-like to keep things fun

My weaknesses: (either improve on these or get someone else to do…)
-financial record keeping and projection
-procrastination (might help to have others in business with me, or even employees so I am accountable to someone)
-try to do too much; unrealistic workloads
-difficulty finding motivation sometimes
-kind of a wuss about standing up to others
-red tape and paperwork

*still considering from other list: biological photog
;) 18 months ago


Open a Scandinavian art gallery
Open a all town brewery
Be a park ranger
Biological photog
Craft seller
Art photog
Helicopter pilot 22 months ago

mholikIndependence and stimulation

Are very important to me. High priorities. 2 years ago

mholikVague, fuzzy

But it’s coming clear. Just a general sense of what I want, no specifics but… I feel like I may be getting closer.

Creative. Free, flowing. My own boss. Appreciated but not in a company man workaday way. Appreciated for my unique abilities. Given license to just create. Fabulous/fantastic. Life is both restful and full of adventure. Travel, rather than always being at the computer. Not bending my ability to the whims of EVERYONE else who walks through the door. Most days I follow what my heart wants to be doing. I experiment, take chances and make a living doing it. Not valued for technical skill but for singular vision. Beauty. Creation. Fullness. Abundance.
That life.
What it means: ???
How to do it: ??? 2 years ago

mholik 2 years ago

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