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calm my inner voice


Recent activity

back in 613 and ready to go!i'm freaking out

i feel like the TF issue is based in part on my allowing friends to meet other friends of mine and in the end, when my friendship goes sour with one of the women, my other friends leave me for them.

i really feel scared because i’m finally at a place where i am surrounding myself with women i enjoy being around. they made the cut if you will and now they all wanna meet and hang out and i’m scared that the same thing will happen. that once again i’m going to lose important women in my life!

i get posessive and scared when people spend time with each other and i’m always worried that i’m not the person they want to hang out with! i ‘m not sure how to talk myself out of these feelings or express my concerns to them without makign them feel bad for wanting to spend time with these women! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!removing the negative

helps with this so much. i feel so much stronger and more alive and i actually feel like my inner voice is positive and powerful! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!today my voice is...

calm. i’m cool with what’s going on and i feel like i’m on track to get the respect i deserve! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!my voice today...

is full of self-doubt!!!

i think that’s related to doing too much and worrying too much about what’s going on. i need to learn to relax, be in the moment and just enjoy life!

i had invited a bunch of people to my dinner party and now one and maybe two have to cancel because they are sick…that being said, it will still be fun so i shouldn’t worry or get all upset! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!my voice today...

is tired. i haven’t been getting to bed ontime and i’m already tired. i have to get to bed by 10 tonight! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!my voice today

is thinking about work tomorrow and really hoping that as i return to work, i don’t get sucked into working too hard and stressing too much about the work that is to be done.

i am also concerned about a, who i believe is progressing down a path of negativity and self-distruction. i am concerned that she is going to be harmed, get violated while she is at her weakest and i am scared that she isn’t doing anything to stop what she knows may become her reality. i also know that her attitude may affect me at work and i need to do what i can to make sure she is aware that at work, we must start to distance ourselves from each other.

i am happy about my physical being right now, i have worked out, eaten well and practiced yoga so i am feeling strong and empowered. i will see my sister this evening and have connected with many wonderful friends over the past week. 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!inner voice today is happy but waiting

i feel like i’m in control of my own life today which makes me very happy! on another note, i decided not to just wait for h to come to me…i called her! not sure if that was a good idea but hey…life happens! ball truly is in her court now! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!today my voice is tired and annoyed

i’m tired from going to the dentist and annoyed that h hasn’t called or texted me or in anyway made contact since our initial call (which i made!) i feel neglected…she took care of my place when i was gone but didn’t once ask if i was ok while i was gone. when i called all she seemed interested in is if i thought i would pass my exams now…not if i was happy to be back or missing france or whatever…

hurt! that’s what i am! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!my voice today

is peaceful!

i have worked hard on my home, i took care of some money issues today and i’m ok with most things.

i’m conscious of my body and about wanting to head to the gym but i need to quiet that voice! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!my voice today...

is missing my french side…

i’m sad and i’m feeling down so its hard for me to feel good about being here. i am happy that i am here and my friends have made an amazing effort to welcome me home but everytime i leave europe i feel like i’ll never get back there again and it makes me feel pretty lost. 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!my voice today

is feeling weak and fat and yucky because i have a cold and i’m stuck in bed!

i’m tired and i’m trying not to worry but its hard when you’re not feeling good!

hopefully tomorrow is better! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!my voice today

is panicking because it seems like i haven’t done enough and i’ll be leaving soon. i’m scared that when i get back i’m going to fall back into the life of stress and minimal personal happiness! i am so happy here, i am so content and calm…i wish i could retain that forever! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!not gonna worry

about stuff that i can’t control!

if he wants to call…he will, if i want to see him…i will

things will be strange with my friends when i get back…i’ll deal with it then

cp will wanna see me but won’t say that he does, i won’t let the cycle start again 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!allowed myself to be at peace but still annoyed...

with k today and i’m proud of myself. usually i would allow my anger or frustration to manifest itself into negative thoughts! not this time. i left it with him and used the time i had available to me to do good for myself (napped and enjoyed people watching!)

making progress 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!good day...

not worrying or on edge today…then again, i’m also not hormonal which i know influences my ability to judge properly!

that being said, having the budget totally helps keep things clear for me! knowing that financially i’m going to be ok helps a lot! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!i'm still in flux

because i feel rejected by k. i was really looking forward to spending time with him and i enjoyed the time we did spend together. i can’t seem to move beyond rejection when it happens…it silences me and pokes a huge hole in my confidence level!

i don’t know how to react and overcome when a relationship/dating whatever ends! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!the voice today...doubt

i am doubting my inner strength to do what i need to do to make myself happy…

maybe making myself aware of it will make it easier to calm the noise being made by my inner voice! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!last night..

i had a bit of a panic attack about stuff last night…doubting things i’d said in normal conversation with friends…getting mad at one of my friends and not going to the gym yesterday.

i tried to relax and breathe through it and i was eventually able to stop my mind but it took so much work! i am hoping that the meditation will help! must get on that! 8 years ago

back in 613 and ready to go!self doubt!

i’m full of self-doubt today! its hard to try and go forward when i’m so down on myself about things!

my inner voice is not being very helpful today! 8 years ago

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