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jeansyogaSkating is the best!

Now that it’s summertime, I can skate outdoors! What a blast!!! Plus, I joined a roller derby league and we have practice 2-3x/week, and I got a summer pass to the rink where we practice so now I can go as many times as I want all summer long. Hurray for skating! 6 years ago

jeansyogaGreat skates achieved!

Well, the Pacers didn’t work out, so they are going back. Instead, I upgraded to some Carrera speed skates with leather boots and Zoom wheels. They arrived Friday, but it was a wicked busy weekend so I finally got them out to the rink today. Everyone was like “New skates, huh?” I felt like I was back in elementary school, stuck wearing blindingly white new sneakers!

I did get a teensy blister, the boots are still a bit stiff. But, the breaking in is beginning and I’m quite happy. The wheels are VERY fast and I have them very tight for now while I get used to them. I’ll loosen them up once I get my “skate legs.” Any faster and they’ll throw me on my ass right now! 7 years ago

jeansyogaWaiting for great skates

I got a pair of regular ol’ Dominion skates (tall white boot, pink wheels) for Christmas, and as much as I adore them, the boots just don’t fit! I’ve been trying and trying to break them in, but they are breaking me instead. They’re wearing a hole in the side of my right ankle, I have to stop and adjust the tongues every 5 minutes, and since they’re all manmade materials, my feet sweat like a whore in church.

I ordered a pair of Pacer Legends online and they are due to arrive tomorrow! Low-top leather boots, don’t know if the wheels will be better (the Dominions really aren’t bad) but it’s a higher-end skate so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

The local rinks are lame, but at least they’re here! Most of the time I practice in my dad’s basement, but getting overconfident has been a problem and falling on that concrete floor is no fun. So, I have some knee, wrist and elbow pads on order too! Once the snow melts and I can go outside, a helmet will be needed as well. 7 years ago

Renae_SMy $4 Skates

I bought some freaking wicked skates a couple of months ago, in a second hand store in Vientiane for US$4. How ace is that? They are blue and look like circa 1970s or 1980s, hard to tell. The stoppers have completely worn off, but otherwise they are gold. I just went shopping in Penang and found bright pink laces and bright blue leg-warmers, oooh, accessories. But I need to use them! My yard has a huge paved area so I’ve no excuse.
So far the only time I wore them was at a 1980s party, decked out in the skates and matching outfit, and I (and the rest of the party) actually got chased around the bar by a gangster wielding a machette. Truth. Scary. More excitingly, I dance skated and didnt stack it, it was impressive. On lovely polished wooden floor.
I hear there is a skate rink in this little city, I need to find it…
I have some sketcher skates back home in Aus that cost a hundred $ or so, and they are really excellent, in case any one needs recommendations for good street skates. But the $4 pair will do for now….
And bollocks to roller blades, they are crap. 8 years ago

EyesToTheSkiesYay Skates!

I was shocked to find that Academy had just the roller skates I had been eyeing online :) So, I snatched them up and went straight over to the nearby park. I had about an hour before my class, so I strapped em on and rolled around the 1/2 mile paved sidewalk loop. Took my camera along to shoot some pics of the park and my new skates. It was very nostalgic :)Lovely. 8 years ago


I’m going to try to find some great quad roller skates. You know, the traditional skates. Academy will be my first stop, but I’m fairly sure that I want to order some that I saw online a little while ago. After that it’s skate skate skate! :) 8 years ago


healthy sport
with speed! 8 years ago

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