attend mass every sunday

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bermudamohawk 2 years ago


After two months, I finally went back to church. It was a good mass; at times I swear the priest was talking directly to me, as if to catch my attention before it wandered off too far. My heart wasn’t all in, but it was nice to be back. 22 months ago


I told R I want to start going to mass again. Something I read today affirmed that. I doubt I’ll start this weekend as my Sunday morning us looking a bit chaotic, but here’s praying that next week is THE week. My heart is ready. 23 months ago

bermudamohawkI knew this would happen

Call it a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I haven’t been to church since Easter. As I type I’m contemplating going to a 5pm mass at a new church… but something’s holding me back. Lethargy, perhaps? Doubt, maybe?

Think I’ll read a book about a “mid-faith crisis” instead and figure this out next weekend. 23 months ago

bermudamohawkmade this a Lenten priority

and I think I only missed one Sunday during Lent. Attending on Easter is a given. It’s a matter of keeping it up after that.

Yesterday was particularly nice because R wanted to go – he was going to attend with or without me. I used to feel like he was doing me a favor by going to church with me, but I like this place his heart is in right now. 2 years ago

bermudamohawkblessed sunday

I met my dad at a new church (well, one we went to once about 12 years ago) for mass today. It was a very unique church – old, small, beautiful, and VERY traditional. We saw several women wearing veils, and we were pretty much the only people wearing jeans. We also had to kneel to receive communion. I’ve never seen anything like it. But I really loved the devout feeling within the church. Next time I’d opt for the earlier mass, since the later one was FULL of young, screaming kids. But I would go back.

It felt good to be back in God’s House. And when we left the church after mass, the sun was shining down so brightly… it felt perfect.

It also felt good to have some quality daddy/daughter time. It was too short – I could’ve gone back to my dad’s after mass but I wasn’t feeling up to it. I have no regrets about moving out – I think I’m happier in my home with R – but I need to make the effort to spend more time with him. Because showing your love to loved ones (and not-so-loved ones) is what God calls us to do, isn’t it? :-) 2 years ago

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