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knit socks

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gracefulpearl 5 months ago

DoctorTeethBalling up my socks

and putting them away for a bit. Socks are tough, and I have a lot more other things to knit, so I’ll tuck this goal away until I have more time and motivation. I’m sure I’ll be back, though; I’m going to get sick of flat things and mediocre hats. 7 months ago

NekomannaKumiko's socks

Knit a pair in bright colours for Kumiko. 13 months ago

Nekomanna 13 months ago

hardyharrone try

i tried on my own with a knitting loop… it was going nowhere… literally, the sock kept getting wider when i was supposedly making it longer…. it was a disaster. so i just undid the yarn. it was fun to try, but, really.. i need help from a live person, not the internet videos and written instructions. 13 months ago

a g

a g 15 months ago

DoctorTeeth 15 months ago

kittyhoo 5 years ago

a gdecreasing for the 2nd toe... almost done!

Sunday afternoon at my friend’s house, when she was putting her kid down for a nap, I got to the toe decreases in the second (ankle-down) sock in this pair. Soon, I’ll be to the bind-off, and then there’s just weaving in the ends and I’ll be done, so I can give them away (to my bf’s mom). 15 months ago

findingerica 15 months ago

kadetx 4 years ago

Jutri 17 months ago

KaivalyaTook a class!

I struggled along on my own with toe-up socks, but after two years go hemming and hawing and struggling and giving up, I threw in the towel and took a class.

And taking that one three-hour class was totally worth it! I’m a visual learner and I need to see things to understand them. By the end of the class, I had knit one tiny ‘training sock’ and I knit another at home on my own.

I’m signed up for a ‘top down’ sock knitting class in a couple weeks and I’ve already started on a full size toe-up sock using the techniques I learned in the class. I’m on my way! 17 months ago

Kaivalya 4 years ago

hardyharr 17 months ago

Spatz 23 months ago


Hooray, my socks are finished!

It took a while but they are so pretty!

On to new knitting goals :-) 18 months ago

SpatzNearly done

I’m nearly finished with my socks! I hope to wear them next week!
And I still love the colorway :) 18 months ago

SpatzAt heels

My second sock is growing, I’m finally at the heel!

And it’s about time, it’s starting to get cold :D 19 months ago

SpatzSecond sock growing

I managed to get my second sock into the sock-to-be stadium despite the heat!

I can’t wait to wear them. Well, ok, wear them once it’s colder
;-) 20 months ago

Meghan MacMillanFinally started!

I’ve cast on a sock or two before but never gotten more than a row or two in before giving up.

I joined a knitting group and the leader gave me some handspun sock yarn and some size 2 DPNs and told me to cast on over two needles. That made all the difference. My previous efforts had been undone by the stitches being too tight.

I have about 4” of 2×2 ribbing. I’m hopping I’ll be ready to turn the heel by tomorrow night. 20 months ago

SpatzFirst sock done!

Hooray – I managed to finish my first sock! And I started the second one!

Isn’t it pretty? 20 months ago

SpatzHead over heel :)

I’ve knitted my first heel! On to the toe :-) 21 months ago

SpatzSlightly more sock

Due to the heat, not that much progress :)

21 months ago

patricia2558 21 months ago

szegarra 21 months ago

SpatzMore sock

Slooooowly the sock is growing :)

My fingers still hurt from the tiny needles, but I’ll get used to it.

Such beautiful colors! 22 months ago

Toni Hughes 22 months ago

sovietteFirst pair of socks.

I’ve caught the bug, I’m working on my 2nd pair now.

I love my first pair. I live somewhere too warm for socks generally but I’ve worn them out before peaking out of my combat boots. I mostly wear them around the house and I wore them on the airplane ride home. I love socks in general but I especially love these because I made them. <3 22 months ago

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