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finish my novel

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tyrarogers 1 day ago

readerwritergeek 3 weeks ago

Paul161 1 month ago

christamarie13 2 months ago

PelagiawanFiction A First

This exercise, inspired by a childhood friend who believed I had it in me and a Nanowrimo challenge sponsored by our local library, has become such a joy. I have been an essay writer my whole life from my first little book when about seven years old in the 1950’s “The Poor Things” when I learned the meat we were having for dinner once had a life. Since then I have not been able to stop myself, although I am basically shy. This has lead to a lot of regrets, but, I have to say, I’m also glad to have a talent that has persisted time and has grown old with me in such a crazy time of change in human history. I’ve got most of this novel done, but leap around so that now I am filling in chapters to make necessary transitions that will pull it all together. 2 months ago

Pelagiawan 2 months ago

SoleilSoleil 3 months ago

Manleen Copeman 3 months ago

notliketonight 3 months ago

jubilationlee 3 months ago

xplkqlkcassia 4 months ago

RyomashiEnglish is not my mother language.

I am Argentinian, so my writings are in Spanish. I think that my English is pretty good, but it’s not good enough to write artistically in it. Still, I can try to translate some paragraphs, if I think they are good enough. 4 months ago

RyomashiThe plan.

I’m following the Snowflake method.

Recently, I started to write the entire story from each character point of view, and I plan to do it as long as it’s useful. I think that I’ll be able to work on the first draft in around…six months? I’m not sure about that.

The important thing, is that everyday I write 1 hour minimun. That means around… ¿1-2 pages?

I plan to increase the amount of time I write. My goal is to write 6 hours a day. 4 months ago

Ryomashi 4 months ago

fr0gb0y 4 months ago


I always start a story, wanting to turn it into a novel, but stop halfway and never really finish it. My new goal is to actually FINISH the novel, and not give up on it. 5 months ago

DaffodilChains 5 months ago

Elliot_Rose 5 months ago

ssevans 5 years ago

ryanhoots 6 months ago

GQkudzuHear it calling

My novel writing has taken a hiatus, due to the fact that I accepted a new job in the spring and was involved in tying up loose ends on my old job, moving, etc. But now, finally in a rental house, I’m almost ready to start the process again. I’ve thought about my novel during the last few weeks and have even jotted down some notes. I should have Internet in two more weeks (which means when I save in Dropbox, it’ll be updated).

Soon.. 7 months ago

rachelanngrossman48Geter' Doneee

I actually have many novels/series in the works, but there is one in particular that I would like to get finished. I have most of the plot down and the main characters done, but the ending is quite difficult to come up. I’m excited to get my fingers typing and have my story forming on the screen. 8 months ago

rachelanngrossman48 8 months ago


Have it done by the end of the year 11 months ago

YoursSincerely 11 months ago


I started a novel for NaNoWriMo in 2011 and got about 20,000 words in before I got overwhelmed in a new life and lost track. Last year I was determined to finish but I couldn’t because I had lost my job and spent the entire month looking for work. But this year, I’m starting early! My goal is to complete NaNoWriMo this year, and to help I’m pregaming my book! I want to have all the notes and thoughts outlined well in advance so I can spend the entire month just writing without thinking much of the plot or characters. 13 months ago

noahrainey 13 months ago

GQkudzuPlugging along

I hit the 20,000 word mark this morning. The first draft is roughly 25% done. 14 months ago

GQkudzuIf January...

...is any indication, I should average about 15,000 words per month at the rate I’m going, writing for 30 minutes each weekday morning. If I throw in one marathon Saturday each month and aim for 10,000 words, I could conceivably be finished with the first draft by the end of March. 14 months ago

EmmaLoveLez 14 months ago

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