figure out what he wants from me

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♥♥ Rissa ♥♥Actually....

I’ve decided if I actually need to figure out what he wants, he’s not worth it. Plus he doesn’t seem to know what he wants from me so I don’t know how I could possibly figure it out for him. Whatever happens, happens, whatever doesn’t, doesn’t. Maybe one day he’ll figure it out, but I’m done wasting my time trying to. 6 years ago

tokyogirl79Finally figured it out.

This boy really has a messed up personality. He wants friends, but he pushes them away without realizing it. I think that is why I wanted to remain his friend so badly. I push people away all the time, but I am concious about it. I don’t know why I do, but I do it anyway. 7 years ago

tokyogirl79Friends, enemies?

I swear this boy has a split personality. One moment we’re chilling like good friends, the next he’s running out the red banner, looking for things to pick at. He either looks at me like a friend, or like I’m some pushy b*tch whom he wants to get away from. I just want to know where I stand. 7 years ago

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