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lose weight

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vlvtnrbbt 4 hours ago

guychrisStarting 16/04/24

Starting today I’m gonna eat less and healthier . . 8 hours ago

guychris 8 hours ago

steideb 4 years ago

tomleesm 1 day ago

amimej19 2 days ago

siennamara 2 days ago

elliebell1999 2 days ago

MistMirahas been on my mind for a while

it’s about being healthy and feeling more energetic and yes self confidence – i just wanna feel like a girly girl wich is harder when you have a skinny ass boyfriend :P I wanna be able to wear short skirts 2 days ago

MistMira 2 days ago

TheGoalMachine2014 2 days ago

SnowQueensGlass12 pounds down.... ???! to go.

Down 12 pounds from my officially highest weight ever – which will not be said. I still have a VERY long way to go but, for the first time in a very long time, I have confidence I will get there. Thyroid medication has given me so much more energy than I used to have, so I’ve been exercising and slowly building up what I can do. LoseIt has also been a tremendous help to see what I do wrong and what I do right. I’m on the road so much I get suckered into fast food, which sets off a terrible binge. When I don’t eat fast food at all, I tend to eat fairly healthfully. So, now that I know what happens, I can try to mitigate that. I found a place that has cheap, healthful recipes, and I can take some portioned food on the road in a cooler (BudgetBytes, for those who need it).

YAY to everyone who is working towards their goal. No matter what just happened yesterday, or the day before, or even 5 minutes ago. You are a not a failure – even if you gained weight instead of losing it. You can still do it! And if you lost weight – double YAY! Keep it up and way to go! 3 days ago

nanachaan 3 days ago

ronniejohnson79 4 days ago

Panda110 4 days ago

triciaebel 5 days ago

comtec 5 days ago


After seeing the scale yesterday (125!), I tried to make healthier options for myself and smaller portions for the rest of the day. Thankfully, it wasn’t a real gain and today I was 123. Definitely aiming for 120 again! I think all of the pasta and weekends eating out have been a subtle sabotage.

Have a lunch to go to this Saturday so I’d love to feel a bit slimmer and fitter. Going to the gym this evening and will just make smart decisions to remember my short term goal! 6 days ago

neilberr 1 week ago

Sorikai 1 week ago


I’ve lost 3 pounds. Still trying! It’s hard when you are on medication. 1 week ago

Melody 5 months ago

EastExpertDifferent shape, same weight

I’m still about the same weight, but oh how significantly my shape has changed. I wear slim fits for my shirts and there’s just a little bit of fat left on my belly. Must be due to the fact I never walk, but run the stairs all the time, as a matter of habit. :)

People never give me my 45, they think 35-37-may be 39, even when I was badly lacking sleep and could have black eyes in the morning. I do enjoy this, I’m not really a vain person, but this is good, it indicates that at least something I’m hopefully doing right. :) 1 week ago

nindyminari 17 months ago

10rekAlready lost 12 kg :-)

Eat less, move more – simple.

Don’t eat:
animal fats; butter, cheese, pork,
products made of flour; bread (especially wheat bread),
soda (regular Pepsi/Coca Cola, etc.)

instead eat:
vegetables, vegetables, vegetables!
brown rice,
chicken (without skin),
olive oil,
natural linseed oil (very healthy),
from time to time fruits. 1 week ago

nipunsharma1 1 week ago

macangadungan 1 week ago

StormAll time highest weight

The number on the scale was never as high as it was this morning… According to some calculators my BMI is now safely in the “morbidly obese” category. I know that I don’t look that bad, and I still fit in airplane seats, but I’m definitely in the danger zone now…

My motivation and energy is fluctuating a lot. Yesterday a new hair cut and nice weather gave me lots of energy and big plans, today I feel deflated again. 1 week ago

karlyjay1989 1 week ago

amb 19 months ago

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