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just meI'm grateful for a positive self-image.

One of my earliest memories is sitting on my mother’s bed while she changed clothes in front of a mirror and moaned about being so fat. (She was not even remotely overweight.) I saw her as the most beautiful woman in the world and it puzzled me that she saw something different.

I am so tired of seeing talented, beautiful, intelligent women abuse themselves because they don’t fit society’s mold of the perfect female figure!

I love my body! True, I’m a little overweight at the moment. I carried a child for 9 months and have spent every second of the last 7 caring for that child. I don’t have a lot of time for exercise. And as far as food goes, I’m more concerned with affordable and family friendly than low-fat. Besides, I love that my hips are wide and soft. It’s like they were designed just for Joshua to have a place to sit while mommy’s busy.

I’ve been thinner in the past and I felt beautiful. But I’ve been heavier too and I felt just as beautiful then! There are times when I get frustrated with my weight and none of my clothes are fitting well. I don’t even want to leave the house! But I always remember my mother, and then I think of how my daughter looks at me, and I can see myself clearly again. 7 years ago

just meWhat a day!

My self-esteem had such a boost today, I’m feeling 100 feet tall! It was the first day of school for my daughter and I came in early to meet her teacher and discuss the diabetes treatment plan. She was frantic because her translator had not shown up so I helped check in the Spanish students and show them to their seats. I was feeling quite proud of myself.
Then the school secretary showed up to check in her daughter and she had her new baby with her. He’s only 6 lbs. and the cutest thing ever! My daughter’s teacher introduced us (she didn’t know we’d already met) by saying “This is Rachel’s mom, she’s such a neat parent!” I think I blushed.
As if that weren’t enough, the secretary said she wanted to talk to me and asked if I would consider babysitting her newborn. Of all the parent’s in the school to trust with her child, she thought of me! I was so flattered I didn’t even know what to say.
And to top off my wonderful day, I just received the most beautiful comment from TaiChiTer on 43people. I’m speechless. It’s so encouraging to know that someone feels that way about me. I will definitely reread this next time I’m struggling and feeling down on myself. Thanks!
I hereby declare myself to be Supermom for the rest of the week! 7 years ago

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