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Become a STRICT vegetarian

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How To Become Vegetarian

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Why To Become A Vegetarian

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How To Become A Vegetarian

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i need a cookbook or something about being a STRICT vegetarian. Everything out here uses cheese and eggs and i don’t want that. 4 years ago


So… very… hungry…. 6 years ago


Who in their RIGHT MIND would eat another creature? The answer to that question, I may never know. But, with your help and devotion to being a vegetarian, supporting animal rights, not wearing animal products, etc., we can make the world much better for many cows, ducks, sheep, chickens, horses, deer, dogs, and many other animals. I am a strict vegetarian, and I’ve been one for almost 4 years now. I know, it’s not too long, but any amount of devotion to helping animals can help them live. I urge anyone reading this to take The Vegetarian For A Week Challenge. This challenge is a week long, and all you have to do is:
1) Eat no meat, gelatin or seafood
2) Wear no animal products (ie, leather, fur, suede) 7 years ago


It’s not too hard as long as you only buy the healthy stuff at the store. And make sure you eat BEFORE you go to the store. 8 years ago

adamiThis one is hard

It is all about reading labels and carefully thinking about the resaurants you eat in. I am evry very strict but at the same tiome I like to make it so it does nat affect my social life or my family. 9 years ago

Sofia. .

I’m in my 9th year of vegetarianism, and I need to straighten up.
Right now, I’m just staying away from the obvious things – meat and such.
I need to be more strict and really look at what I eat, such as gelatin. That will probably help me with how out of control I am around candy and goodies, too. 9 years ago

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