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Katie's running as if she has a choice.What would you say if I was done?

82)I went to my friend’s Hawaiian themed birthday party yesterday.
83)I gave her 20 dollars, but that seems to me to be worthless because everyone got her much cooler gifts than money.
84)But then again, I got 20 dollars from her for my birthday…
85)I can’t wait till the Harry Potter movie comes out!
86)I also can’t wait till the Harry Potter book comes out.
87)I am chewing bubble gum right now. The hard kind which everyone says is hard to chew, but i’m finding it very easy.
88)I just made the cut off date for getting into school when I was little.
89)Which is a good thing, because I couldn’t imagine hanging out with people a grade lower than me for the whole day.
90)But I do hang out with people grades lower than me by will. Just not all day.
91)Sometimes I feel fat.
92)But deep down, I know I’m perfect just the way I am. :)
93)I’m listening to my brother’s show Dinosapien or something, and it’s driving me insane….
94)I can’t stand the Cartoon Network.
95)I go to bass guitar lessons.
96)And my neighbor wants to teach my how to learn the real guitar and I want to, but it seems liken now he doesn’t want to.
97)Crayola crayons are my favorite type of crayons!
98)I hate when people smoke. It’s super bad for you!!!
99)There was a huge storm where I live a couple of days ago, and I am completely speechless about it. I’m shocked really…
100)I’m finished with this goal!!! Finally… 7 years ago

Katie's running as if she has a choice.81% done now! =O

61)Like the girl below me, I too am finding this oddly hard.
62)I’m wearing a sweatband that has a 3 yellow stripes and 2 orange ones. It’s very comfy.
63)I ran home on the 4th of July in a downpour. I loved it.
64)I ran a race on that day as well. 4 miles!
65)I wear glasses. I get a lot of compliments on them.
66)My hair is up right now.
67)I had a VERY strange dream last night.
68)I love LOVELOVE lemon meringue pie.
69)I had a lemon poppy seed muffin this morning for breakfast.
70)I equally love the flavor of lemon.
71)My legs still hurt from the race but my mom keeps thinking i’m saying that just to get out of my running. Yes, you read correctly, she thinks it’s an excuse when they are KILLING me!!!
72)I watched Grease for the first time ever last night.
74)I thought it was way too cheesy.
75)But “You’re the One That I want” is stuck in my head.
76)I don’t like musicals. But the exception is Sound of Music.
77)I used to be obsessed with Star Wars.
78)But I have loooooooooooonggggg gotten over that issue.
79)I hate Miley Cyrus. She gets on my nerves… grrr!
80)It’s July and I feel as if I didn’t do a single thing this summer.
81) So I better step it up. 7 years ago

Katie's running as if she has a choice.I am officially 3/5 done!

51)I wrote a short film screenplay today.
52)I love my middle name, but I hate my last name.
53)I lied to the dentist when she asked me if I was eating sweets or pizza. I am, and I said I wasn’t.
54)In fact, I think I’m eating more sweets and pizza than I ever have before just because I am not supposed to.
55)I’m like that.
56)I have long dark hair.
57)And blue/green eyes.
58)But sometimes when it’s cloudy they are blue with streaks of grey.
59)I LOVE it when it’s cloudy.
60)I develop opinions very quickly. 7 years ago

Katie's running as if she has a choice.Here I am at 31 to 50! wow...

31) I got a retainer yesterday and it’s getting on my nerves.
32) I have this food getting method when food gets stuck to the top of my roof and i can’t get it out because my (cemented) retainer is in the way, i suck in. My mom calls this The Vaccum.
33) I’m kinda afraid of My Space.
34) My friends mock the way I talk because it’s all muffled because of (guess what?) my retainer.
35) But I still laugh along with them.
36) I am super angry at the dentist right now because they won’t let me eat peanut butter, bubble gum, gooey pizza, or chocalate (!) for the next 6 months of my life!!!
37) ki’?m, gbfvth;iknmjhgbv xdikgftvrnjhb m,yuh fdl,bn opswxsd. (I’m typing with my elbows)
38) I love the Travel Channel.
39) I’m wearing black sweat pants and an Aeropastale tank top.
40) I went to sleep at 11:40 last night.
41) and I’m pretty tired.
42) I went to an amusement park on Wednesday.
43) I have 43 goals currently, this included.
44) I also have 43 lists on Lists of Bests.
45) And 12 places on 43 places.
46) And 3 people on 43 People.
47) I find All very confusing.
48) That’s the reason I don’t have anything on it.
49) I’m sitting down right now.
50) Now I am standing up. 7 years ago

Katie's running as if she has a choice.21 through 30! YEAH!

21)I despise the color olive green.
22)I hate olives. They are disgusting.
23)I don’t like mushrooms either. They are gross. One of my friends dared me to eat them at this one restaurant and I did, and they were disgusting. tHEN, my mom told me hers were different. And they Kinda were. But not really. So, i still don’t like them.
24) I just graduated 7th grade today.
25) I’m afraid of high school because I don’t want to grow up.
26) I walked around town with my pyjama bottoms on yesterday and people pointed and stared but i kept on walking.
27) I live right next to a Crayola factory.
28) I own a cherry flavor lip gloss and every time I put it on, they make my lips really shiny and glossy and my friends start singing Lil Mama’s Lip Gloss is poppin song. It’s funny.
29) I took a test and it said that i was not a computer addict, but i think I still am. One. But not a severe one.
30) I’m putting on that lip gloss at this very moment. 7 years ago

Katie's running as if she has a choice.Another 10!!!!!!!!!!!

11) I continually use the quote “Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn”. and in all the right places too!
12) I despise science, the subject.
13) Yet I love sci-fi movies.
14) I am addicted to tabioca puddings.
15) I play the cello, and i’m getting sick of the rules and how we can’t have fun with it.
16) I have all the albums ever made by Avril Lavigne, but I don’t want to buy her Girlfriend CD cuz now I have living proof that she’s a poser, and now I feel stupid that my friends were right all along.
17) I once mobbed my face with marshmallows and i got all sticky and my parents got really mad and my eyelashes were stuck together and i couldn’t open my eyes for the next day. Now my eyelashes are ugly cuz they were all ripped off at the doctor’s.
18) I want a tatoo of a star on my wrist because I am a star inside.
19) I am an artist.
20) I’m a diehard U2 fan. 7 years ago

Katie's running as if she has a choice.1 through 10!

1) I want to be a film maker.
2) My friends trust me. But I can’t trust myself.
3) I want to put a stop to Breast Cancer.
4) I’m naturally good in history, and almost never get anything lower than a B. Because I’m just naturally good.
5) I play the bass guitar. My bass is my life!!!
6) I wanted to be anorexic at one point, but I love food too much to sacrifice it.
7) I hate me when I have to cancel on friends and family cause that makes me feel like dirt.
8) I’m a free spirit.
9) I love to dance in the rain when listening to Gravity by John Mayer.
10) I want to be famous, but not for the reason of people knowing me, I want to be famous because I want people to know what i do.

Yes! Only 90 more! YAY! 7 years ago

Jill734410 more things

11. I’m a Steelers fan
12. I’m afraid of dying
13. I hate winter
14. I’m a picky eater
15. I don’t like many people
16. I enjoy loud music
17. I want a tatoo
18. I love CSI
19. I forgive easy but can’t forget
20. I work out but I hate it 7 years ago

Jill7344First 10 things about me

1.I stress over what clothes I am wearing to work
2.I adopted 2 dogs from the pound
3.I am a freak about germs
4.I don’t fall in love easily
5.I am hooked on the computer game bejeweled
6.I sell on ebay
7.I don’t like snakes
8.I still have acne
9.I want to win the lottery
10. I love to eat 7 years ago

mareeyah_mc_behLast 10 of the 100

100. I can only sleep with the lights off. The ONLY reason why I can with the lights on is when I am REALLY, REALLY, REALLY dead beat tired.

99. My plate looks almost licked-clean after I am done with eating especially if there are no sauces.

98. I like dressing up and accessorizing. In fact, when I have nothing to do, I usually try on my clothes and model in front of the mirror to see what matches with what.

97. I am comfortable in both being alone and being with a group.

96. I prefer shopping alone because being with me can be tiring especially when I am trying to buy some things. And I hate encumbering others when I go in and out of the shops and then going back again after scouring every shop that I want to enter.

95. I can deal with different kinds of people.

94. I am an extrovert.

93. I am drawn to artists of all kinds.

92. I like pointed shoes.

91. When I get married, I would want gold and olive green to be our motiff. 8 years ago

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