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weigh 130 pounds

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halpert7by my birthday!

I have about 4 months to lose 30 pounds…about 2 pounds a week. 1 week ago

halpert7Starting now!

I’ve gotten to that point where it’s hit me how much I need to lose weight. I don’t feel comfortable in my skin and things need to change now. 2 months ago

Sambalina10 4 years ago

halpert723 pounds to lose this year

2 pounds a month. This is possible! 3 months ago

hilltowngal 6 months ago

hilltowngal 6 months ago

youmakemebelieve 10 months ago

kasiajulia 10 months ago

KJL3107 11 months ago

xxlovespellxx 12 months ago


I was so close to this goal. Then I gained back weight and am 20 pounds away. :( so discouraging. 12 months ago

daDARKchick 12 months ago

TrulaGetting Closer!

1 year after really focusing on this goal I am now 160.6 pounds! 130 is getting closer and closer. 14 months ago

JinjaI Should Remove this Goal

I am just shy of 170 now and I just don’t see it happening. I’ll have to renew my effort but I am just too tired right now. On the plus side, though, I have been slightly better about feeling out of control about it. 14 months ago

beautifulxdisaster95 15 months ago

csciabarasi 16 months ago

halpert77 pounds to lose!

I was doing great with my weight when I lived abroad, but now that I’m back home and in school, I have stopped working out and have been eating out way too much. It’s time to get back to being healthy! And I want to feel good in my w-dress! 17 months ago

halpert7 4 years ago

avocadolover 18 months ago

JinjaSeems Unlikely

I went for five straight days without having any treats or sweets. Then I visited my sister and there was chocolate pie. Shabbat Shalom!

I’m under 170 at least, but it is beginning to look like this is an unrealistic goal. 19 months ago

TrulaGetting there!

I was so fat to start with…238 in January 2012, 214 by June 2012, 202 as of July 7th 2012. My weight loss really started accelerating in June, I boosted my exercise quite a bit. I hope to keep up this pace so I hit my goal weight by my birthday in January. We will see :) 21 months ago

lltan_16 22 months ago

Elle L 2 years ago

emilyk18 2 years ago

oblaat 2 years ago

dm143 2 years ago

Kat Bass1st weekly update

So this week.. has not moved me anywhere. Last time I checked, I wieghed 145, and I have been pigging OUT during the Holidays.. ( pizza, beer, chocolate..etc.) so Im scared to go check because I probably gained a pound or 2. I get in this mentality of.. Complacency when I feel that Ive failed. Some people find it motivating to see that their numbers arent right and do everything they can to take those extra pounds off. Or maybe I just made these
people up in my head, and everyone feels like I do after a week of binging.. like they want to binge more and give up. This shouldnt be my life! Something has to change upstairs in order for this to happen for me. Theres a couple times during the day that I really become a slave to food: 1.In the morning 2.Right before work 3.Right after work 4.Before bed. If I could get a handle on these times, even if its only one moment at a time, I belive my habits would be corrected over time. I forget that patience is a virtue. Lasting improvements are made mostly over time.. So tomorrow, Ill start by having a reasonable breakfast (Bowl of Oatmeal, piece of fruit, juice/water/coffee) and actually waiting a couple hours to have lunch. Wish me luck!! 2 years ago

vshemaiah 2 years ago

squiggledorfFirst steps are always the hardest

I want to be healthy, and I want to be organized and just more feminine. I want to live life to the fullest, and not have self-conciousness hold me down. I’m tierd of this phsique and the stress I have put my body through. I start my journey today, and I am going to stick with it. BOOH-YEAH! :) 2 years ago

squiggledorf 2 years ago

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