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Emilie BealeEarly bird

I try to have a curfew of my own to be in bed by 10.30 on a weekday. This seems to aid with a better nights sleep when my alarm goes off at 6am. 1 week ago

D2FlyNC 5 months ago

thatonerose 5 months ago

Emilie Beale 5 months ago

wellthisisunoriginalThe key...

...for me is to keep to a set time in the morning to get up. I’ve managed to get up at 7AM for most of the week and I find that after a few days I was more alert, happier and could sleep easier at night. Tips? Hmm, get up at 7AM regardless of how little sleep you had, after a few days you’ll simply be too tired to stay up late and your body will get used the routine and work with you. I’ll go into more detail and add some useful sources when I’ve got this down! :)

For anyone reading, I’m sorry I’m a bit incoherent at the moment, it has been a while since I have wrote anything… anywhere! 9 months ago

Annisbubble 10 months ago

mbherleman 11 months ago

fieldsofcloverThis is going a little better.

I have trouble putting myself to bed sometimes, but once I’m asleep I’m getting 8+ hours of pretty solid rest.

Except when destruct-o-kitty wakes me up for something. At least that’s not a nightly occurrence anymore.

Started taking the melatonin again but I was already doing better at getting sleepy, so it’s just an assist. Back when I was really having trouble it was not cutting it. 14 months ago

fieldsofcloverHere is a thing.

This is a more comprehensive project than the title is letting on, but I’m already partway into it. I am not going to get better without getting 8-9 hours of good sleep every night. Soooo… what’s it gonna take?

Going to sleep is one thing, staying asleep is another. Both are separate problems. Putting myself to bed in the first place is a different problem entirely, too. I need to get better at all these things for this to work out.

I’ve been doing better at getting 8-9 hours of sleep, which was a big problem for me before, but now I need to start working on doing it earlier so I can get up earlier. Actual sleep quality will be an ongoing thing, but at least quantity is mostly handled now. 15 months ago

fieldsofclover 15 months ago

hartyleeds 15 months ago

RichardPriddy 16 months ago

Holly 20 months ago

user34245 20 months ago

wellthisisunoriginal 21 months ago


Sunset 22 months ago

erikakristen123 2 years ago

MISSmodelMINX 3 years ago

Kristen Munger 3 years ago

Steve HingleMy practices for good sleep

Two challenges for me: First, I’m a father of two young ones, so getting to bed timely is a challenge, and then I am often awoken before I want. I need to remind myself at bedtime, when I want to read instead, that going to bed early is a very loving thing to do for myself.
Second, I can sometimes get caught thinking too much. I have to get up, write stuff down to get it out of my head, and then practice my meditation mantra to get back to sleep: Breathe in saying to myself, “Total relaxation”; breathe out saying to myself, “Return to center.” 2 years ago

Steve Hingle 2 years ago

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