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biteback 3 weeks ago

holmesgirl75 1 month ago

Devyn 2 months ago

mholikProgress and revisions

paint kitchen-done!

paint entryway-paint selected and bought

install a shelf in entryway-done!

fix moulding in living room

hang about 5-7 pieces of art including a vertical garden-1 done

put shades up in living room-fabric ordered

install a corner shelf in living room-1/4 done

Add another light source to living room- done

change kitchen light-done!!! And this was HUGE

change entry light- about 1/3 done

Waiting til later:
replace entryway doors 2 months ago

mholikSpeed decorating

BF and I are on a mission. 2 weeks, and completing the following projects for the main 3 rooms of our home (where company goes):

paint kitchen
paint entryway
install a shelf in entryway
replace entryway doors
fix moulding in living room
hang about 5-7 pieces of art including a vertical garden
put shades up in living room
install a corner shelf in living room
Add 2 more light sources to living room
change kitchen light
change entry light

Whew! It’ll be a whirlwind but I think we can do it. We already bought the materials for the entryway light, we have a ton of art just waiting to be hung up and all the small things I’ve been shopping around for an am making lots of progress on. 2 months ago

rlntlss 3 months ago

Lisa Barkerchristmas

well not quite the decoration in mind but its coming to christmas and Ive got the tree up so decorating will move to new year now. We chose a shabby chic nordic theme this year red cream and silver.
Going to look pretty but simple:) 4 months ago

Lisa Barkerdecision making

I think if I’m decorating my house now I have to think about what reflects my personality and ive decided the shabby chic is my thing.

Saw escape to the country last week and they had a designed house up for sale it was amazing. i hunted it down on google and its sold and in Liverpool not somewhere i would consider moving to. Im thinking i can start small and when my retreats take off next year I will start to have a good income rolling in to look at a bigger house. 4 months ago

mholikNot "decorating" per se but will make house look better:

Next priority:
make a rolling hidden trash bin

Oh and I came up with an idea for the kitchen light. 5 months ago

fashtooka 2 years ago

Lisa Barkerclean sweep

Yesterday I think hubby had a touch of feng shui as he decided to declutter the kitchen re organise and then started on the front room.So although we hadnt decorated we had refreshed the rooms. He had changed the bedroom round a few weeks ago and i was impressed! we had cleaned the walls door frames and skirting boards, hung pictures and we just need to clean the carpets and valet the sofa now. 5 months ago

emmalejandra 6 months ago

leahs1102 6 months ago

Jessebel 16 months ago

mholikThe yard looks fabulous!

It’s all coming together out there. Now for the inside of my house haha 10 months ago

luvlj1980 12 months ago


change the walkway border
build soil in bare patch and plant herbs
Also got a new table for upstairs and a nicer chair.

But, in addition to the existing project I haven’t made progress on it seems I’m always adding new ones, sheesh.
Still want to:
make a rolling hidden trash bin
make curtains. Some curtains. Any curtains.
make wall art for: downstairs bath,laundry room
finish laying bricks by fireplace
move tire planters upstairs and paint them too
finish rain barrels
get (or build) drawer dividers for better organization(1 done) 12 months ago

Lo_Marie 12 months ago

Lisa BarkerChoose my sofa

I would like the same sofa my friend has but I’ve never seen it anywhere since she bought it. Some research is required if I can get something similar then that would be a start. Front room needs a complete overhaul! 12 months ago

Lisa BarkerShabby to shabby chic?

We moved into our house in November. We rent it and my daughter lived here for 5 yrs. she refreshed it for us before we moved in but it’s been neglected. Hasn’t helped with having a naughty puppy here.

Hubby doesn’t have any interesting D.I.Y but I used to love it. I simply don’t have the time. We have a little garden and a small pail area outside the front door and it can be a real sun trap. We should make the most of it.
I’m sure I would be happier here, it’s cheap enough for us to rent so if I am to spend sometime here then I need to put my own stamp on it.
I think I will tackle one room at a time and design each room. Problem is am I going for chic modern, retro or vintage shabby chic with a country cathy kidston feel? What a dilemma! 12 months ago

Lisa Barker 12 months ago

mholikTv up

And cabinet replaced. It looks great! 13 months ago

letterboxerComfortable and inviting

My house is fine. Where it may not look like something out of a magazine, real life often doesn’t. I will continue to work on this probably forever, but for now I’m fine. 14 months ago

letterboxer 2 years ago


What’s been painted so far:
-both kids’ rooms
-front entry hall
-front staircase (2-story walls!)
-living room
-dining room

I’m stalled now because I need to replace lighting in the dining room and bonus room, before painting those ceilings. I will make a date to look at fixtures with my husband!

Next painting projects:
-bonus room
-back stairwell
-kids’ bathroom
-master bedroom & bath
-powder room
-laundry room

The last 2 rooms require some fixture replacements we can do ourselves; the master bath needs a more extensive remodel but it may be beneficial to go ahead and paint in the short term.

While it feels like progress is slow and never feels “finished”, I can see that we have made progress, and I am pleased about that. 14 months ago

mholikA small hitch

We’re having trouble deciding on a cabinet. HE just wants to get one and get it over with, I want to make sure it’s right or what’s the point? Sigh… although I haven’t found one that’s even close so I may end up settling for the one he likes. 14 months ago

mholikAnother wall done

In seafoam. Hmmm still on the fence about that one but I do like having a bit of color on the walls. And J adores it, so, whatever.
Oh and I painted the liquor cabinet that looks just smashing.
We are hanging the tv this week (already got the mount) and will order a new media stand for the computer. Then it’s just a matter of a few accessories and the living room is done-ish.
Next: bedroom? Bath? Kitchen? 15 months ago

iSqueakNever ending

Since my last post, I’ve been continuing on decorating the house and again I’m not as close to where I’d like to be but it’s getting there. More framed posters on the wall, new additions to some of the rooms.
It’s difficult because of the cost of everything but it’s a never ending work in progress. 15 months ago

atechscloud 15 months ago

mholikPainted a wall!

One wall down, many more to go!
We did a bright cheerful yellow in the living room and are in the process of picking the next two colors. It’s tough because the entryway, living room, dining room kitchen and hallway are all open without any doors so everything has to go together and flow for like 2/3 of the house. It’s difficult to pick colors that are suitable. 15 months ago

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