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Get my cat to stop howling all night


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sjdeGet your cat to stop howling

I have a 15 year old cat who was doing this (mostly in the evenings) for a few years before I sought help. (I just thought all older cats did that). We tried pain meds, dementia meds, adjusting his thyroid medication dose and nothing helped until we tried prozac. The change has been amazing! 4 years ago

missingparadisemy cat won't stop howling day and night

I’m ordering ear plugs online right now! 5 years ago


Help anyone! we can’t get any sleep at all! my cat cries, bangs the bedroom door, scratches the carpet, jiggles the handle starting around 2 am and doesn’t stop until 7! last night we didn’t open the door or respond in order to start training him and not reinforce the bad behavior, but is there anything else we can be doing???? how long does it take or how much sleep are we going to be loosing….i would appreciate any advice on this! thanks so much! 6 years ago

junipurrfeeling them later

and extra attention before bedtime, as well as not ever getting up for them if they howl before the alarm goes off seems to have finally worked. 6 years ago

junipurrwe haveb

Been feeding them later and giving them attention right before bed, which seems to be working somewhat. They often only try to wake us up at 6:30 vs. 4:30 now. Slow progress. 6 years ago

DetoxDivaThe insanity continues...

So I’ve tried a buntch of things…ignoring my cats howls & running the risk of neighbours complaints, freezing my cat out (turning down the heat at night in this chilly climate so she wants to curl up in bed with me), playing with my cat and trying to tire her out before bedtime, talking to her rationally hoping that if there is any justice in this world that she will somehow know what I’m saying to her and stop her night time shenanigans, buying a cat tent for her to play in…and numerous other toys… and yet STILL last night she woke me up at least 5 times with her demonic howling!!!! I’m going on vacation next wk…I look forward to the peaceful nights sleep I’ll get, however I feel really really bad for my friend who’s looking after my cat at their house!! I wonder if she’ll do it with them? I’m definitely buying a laser light after reading some of the posts…that should kick play time into high gear! 6 years ago


My cat is a 13 year old male cat. The past year he has taken to howling at night and is driving me crazy! I’ve had him for 11 years. He is neutered and in excellent health. 6 years ago


I’ve been ignoring him when the middle of the night meows hit. Noticed recently that he tends to cry more when the other cat is in the other room with the door closed. Leaving it open has helped a bit. At least he’s only starting a half hour before the alarm goes off, more often than not lately. 6 years ago

DetoxDivaI'm going nuts!

I’m losing my mind! I went to bed with earplugs in last night and yet I still bolted awake from the howling of my cat in the wee hours of the morning! It’s enough to drive me mental!!! Perhaps this is the reason I can’t stay in a relationship for more than 9 months?! Perhaps this is the reason that every man I date wants to murder my cat at night?!

By day she’s otherwise an absolutely healthy adorable friendly loving fixed 14 yr old tabby cat in excellent shape and spry as anything! At night she turns into this murderous blood curdling screetching meower!! I try to ignore her…but I’m afraid the neighbours are going to seriously complain as I live in a townhouse. Last night I tried spraying her…but by the time I got my scared tired butt outta bed, and ran all the way downstairs with the squirter… she was running around playing with her toys and thinking the shower was fun! and then waits for me to go back upstairs and back in bed to start it all over again!

She lost her 11 yr old feline play buddy back 11 months ago…she was a slight howler before that but only in the warmer months, after he died she became pretty bad and then over the months after the loss of her buddy….she calmed down again and was fine. Now she’s been escalating again for a couple months!

Can’t wait to knock this goal off my list!! 6 years ago


He’s been a bit better at night, but the howling when he’s hungry is still an issue. I think we need to work on more attention when he’s quiet. 6 years ago

junipurrI'm at my wit's end.

I haven’t gotten decent sleep for ages. I’m going to try to ignore him completely when he’s meowing and only give him lots of attention when he’s quiet and see how that works. He keeps waking me up howling at 4:30 every morning, squirting and other stuff doesn’t do a thing. Doesn’t matter if he has food or not either. 7 years ago

locochonaI got him fixed.

That did the trick – he is so much calmer now! He doesn’t meow all the time and fuss and howl the way he used to. Loving him is so much easier! 7 years ago


We had a tough time with Max since we got back from vacation last week, to the point where he was meowing all night long. Ignoring was really difficult, and chasing him or yelling at him was completely ineffective.

My sister-in-law found two good links that were very helpful:

SF SPCA – Excessive Meowing

Iams – Managing Constant Meowing

Now, each night when I get home from work I play with him to make him exercise for at least a half-hour. A small dose of catnip gives him that extra energy to play which also helps.

Last night was the first night we slept for more than an hour consecutively in 6 days! 7 years ago

tlongI howl when I'm anxious too

My cat has been in a cat carrier maybe 4 times in his 10-year life. The last time in December when we moved he totally freaked out, mussed his carrier, and howled during the whole drive from our old to new place (there was lots of traffic, too. It was a pleasant 1.5 hour ride).

So, I was worried about bringing him to the vet this Saturday. He hadn’t been in 9.5 years, and wanted to get him a physical. I have to brag because he behaved angelically! I put the carrier together, picked him up, kissed him on the head, plopped him in. There was a little meow, but other than that he was silent for the whole ride, and the whole duration of the visit.

He got two shots (didn’t even feel them) and was pronounced healthy. The vet said sometimes cats get excited or anxious and howl a bit, but the best thing you can do is ignore it. reinforcing it by yelling or getting annoyed back doesn’t help. 7 years ago

tlongGoing to the Vet

Max has relaxed a bit. I think he loves being outside, and he was so excited from sitting on the deck that that kind of freaked him out. Still, I’m taking him to the vet next weekend for a long overdue physical. He hasn’t been for ten years. Getting the cat in the cat carrier is traumatic for both of us. 7 years ago


My cat seems stressed – I’m not sure whether he’s meowing because there’s something physically wrong or he’s just misbehaving. Maybe he wants to go outside? For 10 years he’s been a city apartment cat, and now we’re in house where he looks out the window and sees and hears trees! birds! squirrels! dogs! 7 years ago


My adorable 21 pound Ragdoll mix wanted the bedroom door open.
And I liked when he’d cuddle up and sleep with me.
But he also “helpfully” reminded me to get up at sunrise to feed him.
For instance, he’d jump on my stomach, then run. Or he would lick my eyelids with sandpaper tongue.
I couldn’t keep him out of the bedroom. A 21 pound “cannonball with fur” hurtling himself at the door with all his might, he
is going to get in sometimes.
Finally, I put double-sided carpet tape on the door.
Kitty doesn’t like sticky paws, so he let the door be.
And when he’d make a racket in the middle of the night, I used earplugs and a white noise machine.
Your kitty is lucky to have you!
Good luck! 7 years ago

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