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go to a pagan festival

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this would be something really interesting to do, and it would be quite life changing i think :) 4 years ago



I want to eventually be open about my religeon and have people accept me for it. People who know what I believe are so cruel to me, though Ive done nothing wrong to them. :( It makes me sad and frustrated at the same time. 5 years ago


I’ve worked at an herb shop tent for the past two pagan festivals and it really is a lot of fun! 6 years ago

mehlodyauraPlans are in the works

I plan to go to Bilixi Pagan Pride day on august 26th and also to Jackson Pagan Pride day on September 10th !!! Im bringing, Emy and Balance with me.. YAY!!!! 8 years ago


While living in the Mpls/St. Paul area, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend many public rituals put on by Northern Dawn COG (Covenant of the Goddess). I loved the sense of community and experiencing different ways of building and directing energy through ritual.

I’ve yet to go to a pagan retreat, but would definitely like to find those options near where I live now. 8 years ago

nataliewitchSo much fun!

I’ve met some of my very best friends at Pagan festivals, and I would encourage anyone who has considered attending one to try it! I love festivals so darn much I’m even co-organizing the Babalon Rising festival in French Lick, IN this summer. 8 years ago


Every pagan should definitely do this. There is just something freeing about being around a couple hundred (up to 1500) people that all believe in a similar way. I go to at least 10 festivals a year in my area. I hope to one day travel to other areas and experience others. 8 years ago

AlithiaPagan Fests are awesome

Been to two in New Zealand, and they are a heap of fun. Both were weekend camp overs and what with the large group rituals, lectures, pagans everywhere you looked, a general buzzing energy of like minded individuals – they are events I love and will go to again if there is another. 8 years ago

AnwynnPagan Fests Rock!

Been to so many I can’t even count anymore, even created one myself, lol. It a great way to meet other Pagans in a friendly environment.

Cheers! 8 years ago

precociousFour Quarters Farm

I went to Four Quarters Farm in Artemis, PA for Gaian Mind, a techno/industrial rave-in-the-woods type deal with strong nature-religion leanings. On the first night, there was an opening ritual which involved chanting and singing beneath blacklight, near an altar, surrounded by a semi-circle of massive stones (an incomplete henge.) There was lots of dancing to be had. I really enjoyed it.

I would like to help other people in the Philadelphia area go to this farm. It is over 40 acres, and it is beautiful, spiritual land, used for camping and other such events. 8 years ago

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