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start a photo journal - take at least a photo a day to represent my life

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Dag Andre Brendjord 3 months ago

chalcedony959 16 months ago


I felt this goal, while really cool, turned into more of a chore. For some people I am sure this goal would be meaningful. My life is too hectic to include this. 16 months ago

stevenrterry 5 years ago

funkymeerkat 17 months ago


Starting January 1, 2011, I took at least one new picture every day for the entire year. I posted the pictures on a blog and wrote about each photo. Most of the pictures somehow related to my life, but many of them were just cool things. It was extremely time consuming, but it was one of the most worthwhile, fun things I’ve ever done. 19 months ago

TallPaul6533 6 years ago


Might start this again on iPhone camera. Use that quite alot 21 months ago

Savannah Routt 2 years ago

_lilas_ 2 years ago

escodotDOS 2 years ago

makelifepretty 2 years ago

silvitatamez 2 years ago

graciedeann 2 years ago

xmelaniee 2 years ago

Natalia Arbatskaya 2 years ago

kfranphoto journal

i take enough pictures in a day, so i want to start organizing them or something with a little paragraph or so explaining my day so in years when i look back i can know crazy little details about my life 2 years ago

kfran 2 years ago

QuirkyLady 4 years ago

Seylhin 5 years ago


Planning to start this again to capture every single day of my 29th year on earth. I can’t believe I’m already turning 30 next year. Where has all that time gone?? My goal for this project is to become acutely, divinely aware of all the beauty and blessings around me—-which have gone unnoticed and sometimes unappreciated because of getting caught up with the little things. :) will be posting the blog name for this project soon. 2 years ago

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