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Work at McDonalds

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rosec0ngouTime, Place, Position

Why I Want Fries With That

This is a kind of weird goal for a vegetarian, especially one who doesn’t like fast food. The strange truth is I’ve always wanted to work at McDonald’s. In preschool, I had a birthday party there, complete with a “behind the counter” tour.

They must have had some great marketing in the ‘80s, because I had this idealized view of smiling employees and saw it as a rite of passage into teenagerdom. By 6th grade “Occupation Day,” despite being a straight-A student, all I could answer was that I wanted to work at McDonald’s. The speaker assumed I was mocking the exercise, until my classmates (who knew this was a long-standing desire) backed me up.

But, being a kid with the privileges of connections, computers and education, I never did it. Why not achieve a 6th grade dream while I have the chance? No time like the present.

McCalendering It

I don’t like the idea of accomplishing this task for 2 days and quitting. Training people takes time, and I’d like to honor this goal by treating it as more than novelty. I’m thinking I’ll do it for 3-4 weeks, part-time. I’ve got a pretty heavy schedule in the next few weeks, so I’ll probably look to start closer to the summer.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

I checked out the openings in my areas (I’m splitting my time in two cities right now). It looks like cashier or managerial positions are available. The extrovert and adolescent in me prefers the cashier post, but the manager in me wonders if I could learn something by managing in a non-tech environment for a change. Plus, I might qualify more for a management position than a counter one. Though, I assume taking a managerial position only to bail after a few weeks is worse for the company.

For some odd reason, some part of my brain is also thinking of the money. This is pretty ridiculous, since it’s not a motivation, but the disparity between $15-20/hr and less half that makes you consider it. It’s great to see that we’re still paying people roughly what I made working at a GAP-owned store 17 years ago.

All things considered, I’ll probably go for the counter to satisfy my inner sixth-grader.

Figuring Out What’s Local

Since I’m back-and-forth a few times a week between two cities 40 miles apart, I’ll have to figure out which one I want to work in. It’s probably a better environment in my hometown, but may be more interesting in my current city. 12 months ago

rosec0ngou 14 months ago

lilsam21 22 months ago

eugenepaul 22 months ago

JOYCEBISHOP 23 months ago

user21651 23 months ago

thatnewgurlrochelledear McDonald

I would like to work with this job name Rochelle number 3134125592 thank u 23 months ago

thatnewgurlrochelle 23 months ago

user7275 2 years ago

Kaitlyn ClementWorking At McDonalds,

It Sucks. Minimum Wage, Min. Hours. I Didn’t Receive My First $0.15 Raise Until One-Year and 3-Months. My Skin Is Acne, Finding “The right” Pants Is Hard, Unless You Can Afford $50 Dickies.

Other Than That, It’s An Easy Starter Job, And It’s A Fall-Back. As Long As I Don’t Quit Out Of The Blue, I’d Be Able To Return Anytime. 2 years ago

Kaitlyn Clement 2 years ago

user3541 2 years ago

user2159 2 years ago

CessieBeforeIDie 2 years ago

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