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Be more patient with my kids

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smamalou 5 months ago

ElissaAn Update

I’m actually doing way better with my patience than I was 2 years ago. Alot of my success has to do with getting put back on my meds. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with Bipolar Type 2. It is different than regular bipolar in the fact that I don’t have manic episodes with my depression. Instead I have extreme irritability with my depression. Earlier this year I was aware that my my irritability was intensiving, which inturn made my patience almost nonexistent. For the sake of my family,I decided to get treatment and get put back on medication to help control the mood swings. This has helped significantly; also, I just cherish the small moments more. I am still not quite where I want to be with this but I am very close to accomplishing this goal. :) 5 months ago

ADHduh 21 months ago

ssilva11 21 months ago

user1992 2 years ago


I’m not doing as well as I would like on this goal. I am okay most of the time when new problems arise with my kids; it’s the things that make me sound like a broken record that I have zero patience with. The positive thing is I notice more quickly when I unneccesarily get annoyed or irritated with the kids. This allows me to not fuel myself to become more frustrated or impatient with them. I also apologize for those times when my lack of patience causes me to snap at the kids. I try not to make excuses and just take ownership of my bad behavior. Hopefully with more awareness, ownership, and practice I will become a mother that is more zen than the helter skelter mother I feel I am now. 2 years ago



I struggle with patience in every sector of my life. Not really sure why but I do know I have been like this for as long as I can remember. I was aware of my lack of patience when I was in my preteens, which was one of the reasons why I would say I didn’t want kids when I was a teen. I knew I wouldn’t have the patience they deserve.

I will say that my patience has grown immensely just from a year ago but isn’t where I would quite like it still. I will continue to work on taking deep breaths, biting the inside of my lip, and internally counting to ten. Most importantly I will try to remind myself that my children adore me and constantly want my approval and it only takes a few minutes of my undivided attention to make a difference in their day. :) 2 years ago

Elissa 2 years ago

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