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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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Likikilalrula 4 days ago

Andrea409#61. New body wash

I enjoy taking pleasure in the teeny things in life. Things like trying a body wash for the first time. Add an exhilarating scent, and it feels downright decadent…all for $2.99.

Ah, life’s little luxuries. :) 6 days ago

Jana ;)5. trying new foods (especially when they taste good)

5. trying new foods (especially when they taste good)
Yum yum :) 6 days ago

Jana ;)4. sneezing

4. sneezing
I know it is funny but I love the relief.. aaaa… 6 days ago

Jana ;)3. hiking

3. hiking
I like hiking. I love coming back to places I know or discover new ones. More often, girl, more often..6 days ago

Jana ;)2. cleaning, declutting, putting things in order

2. cleaning, declutting, putting things in order
I just like the feeling afterwards .. I know how to create mess, but I love when I clean it. I’m always so proud of myself. 6 days ago

Jana ;)1. morning sun

1. morning sun
Sunny days in general, but the best is when I wake up and sun is shining in my room. I love it.. 6 days ago

Andrea409#60. Bare legs & bare feet - delighting in the ordinary

This must be one of the most pleasurable things a human can experience. The feeling of sun warming and brightening the skin, skin that has paled, dried, and been covered up under bulky fabrics all winter long. Finally, in spring, our skin is liberated once again. My soul craves the sunshine, and my body is merely an extension.

What could possibly be more delightful than walking across freshly cut grass, with that sweet smell, in bare feet and wriggling toes? I swear this is what life is all about. 1 week ago

Andrea409#54 - #59

54. Feeling fed, nourished, and energized

55. Waking up, refreshed and excited to start my day

56. Taking long strolls in the woods or park – it’s home.

57. Color!

58. Passionate, enthusiastic, kind souls

59. Paying down debt! 1 week ago

Andrea409#53. Murder, She Wrote

Let me be clear: I LOVE this show.

I used to watch this as a kid with my mom. She liked all the mystery shows, and I guess I picked that up from her. And I just plain love Angela Lansbury. The show is quirky, cute, and, nowadays, adorably cheesy. I watch it as often as I can.

I just love guessing who the villains are, although I’m not very good at it. I very rarely succeed. 2 weeks ago

Anne Erez 2 weeks ago

Ar0ch0er7 2 weeks ago

brickhorse28. Good honest mechanic

My mechanic is honest, knows what he’s doing, and is inexpensive. His shop is 5 miles from my house. Not only does he make me happy, he helps me to feel safe and secure because I know that he’s going to do good by me. 3 weeks ago

brickhorse27. A student's interest

Yesterday I taught a information research skills class. At first the students came in all lackadaisical and lethargic. By the end of class, only two were in the same state and the rest were happy and interested in learning more. Our college has a very diverse student population, so I am really happy when I can reach a cross-section of students. It made me happy when several students said they were coming in today and tomorrow for more help. I hope they actually show up. 3 weeks ago

brickhorse26. Yesterday's surprise rain and thunder

We were at work, and then BOOM! We heard thunder! Everyone ran to the back door and looked outside. Sure enough, huge raindrops were pelting the concrete slab outside the door. It smelled and felt so good. This makes me happy: rain in the Sonoran Desert. 3 weeks ago

DoctorBeatnik 8 years ago


82. Lucid dreaming 3 weeks ago

Damien 3 weeks ago

giefie 3 weeks ago


3-Azaleas in bloom
4-a job well done
5-noticing the light in the morning
6-a kind word from someone
7-a compliment
8- 4 weeks ago

brickhorse25. Daffodils

These bright yellow flowers always signify the introduction of spring. They are humble, grow wild in many places, and can be bought for cheap in bunches so that even I can afford a spot of blooming color in my home. They make me smile, and give me hope. 4 weeks ago

brickhorse24. Having a job

I’m happy that someone wants to pay me to do the work that I enjoy doing. It also makes it possible for me to do other things in my life with the money I earn. I know, this isn’t supposed to be about money, and really it’s not. It’s about being valued enough to be employed, and to be able to do things I want to do. Not everything all of the time, and sometimes it’s nothing, but usually it is some things I want to do some of the time. 1 month ago

brickhorse22. Benedict Cumberbatch and 23. Martin Freeman

When I typed in 22., this is what popped up. Weird! I think it’s because I want to have a long, leisurely lunch with both of them – in their characters of Sherlock and John. Well, they make me happy anyway, so I’ll identify them here. I really like that they worked on The Hobbit together, as well as Sherlock. For me, it enriches both the film and the series because of the dynamics between the actual human beings. Delicious! 1 month ago

brickhorse21. CSN singing Suite Judy Blue Eyes

I saw them sing this on PBS last night from their 2012 concert. These old guys, belting out the high notes, keeping the harmonies (mostly), and then high-fiving it at the end. They still got it! That is an awesome song anyway. 1 month ago

brickhorse20. Delicious well water

My well has tasty water. It is actually some of the best water I’ve ever drunk. Bend, Oregon has delicious water too, which is comparable to my well water. I’m so happy that when I bought my place, the water was good. I asked to drink a glass of it during the initial tour of the place because I didn’t want to live somewhere with yucky water. The water is delicious. 1 month ago

brickhorse19. Rainbows

I love rainbows, particularly the bright colors one sees in the desert. Saturday just before dusk, a double rainbow formed in the southeastern sky. We had a powerful wind storm with some rain during the day, so the rainbows were a welcomed sight. Then when it got dark, the wind kicked up again and the rain started up again. I know the science behind a rainbow, but it is still magical. 1 month ago


Laughing with my husband 1 month ago


I’m actually only at 81 because I listed harmonizing twice. 1 month ago


82. Watching carNage64 play ff7 with Alex. 1 month ago


81. When Alex pushes me off the bed and I retaliate by trying to depants him. 1 month ago

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