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Swim 18 laps in a row

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TequilaMitchLearned to turn around at the end of the lane!

It’s fun. You’re upside down before you push off, then you straighten out. It’s neat. And tiring. But it makes my swim time much faster. 7 years ago

TequilaMitch21.41 - baseline

First time swimming 18 laps in a row. I needed a few short breaks (15-30 sec) between some of the later laps, but a good first start! I think I’m aim for a goal of under 20 minutes now.

I need to learn how to spin around and push off at the end of the lane instead of having to stop and turn. But water goes up my nose and I lose my sense of direction. I’ll keep practicing, maybe buy a nose plug. 7 years ago

TequilaMitchGetting closer. 9x2 in under 25 minutes.

Yesterday I tried to swim all 18 laps in a row, but had to rest for 30 seconds after the first 9. It wasn’t the strongest swim, but not bad for a first attempt at the whole thing.

I’m also still stopping for a second or two at the end of each 1/2 lap because I don’t know how to spin and turn around yet. When I try it I get disoriented and it takes a moment to figure out the right directly. Also, water goes straight up my nose. I need to practice more, and maybe get a nose plug. 7 years ago

TequilaMitchTraining - 3x3x2

I joined a gym with 7 swim lanes, olympic-length, and I’m going 4 or more times per week. I met a trainer, and he’s started me on 3×3x2:
3 laps at 70% effort, rest 15-30 sec.
3 laps at 80% effort, rest 15-30 sec.
3 laps at 80% effort, rest 15-30 sec.

At first I could barely finish the first set, but after 3 days I can almost do the whole thing.

Oh, and I found out why 18 laps is a magic number… it’s 1/2 mile. So if I can complete this goal, I’ll be able to swim 1/2 mile. 7 years ago

TequilaMitchStarting point: 4 in a row, 10 laps in about 20 minutes

I started two weeks ago at a gym, and I liked it. Day 1, I could barely do 1 lap without running out of breath. Now I can do 4 in a row, then I have to rest about 10-15 seconds in between each lap for the rest. My form isn’t very good, either, but I watched some videos and read about how to improve, so I’m sure I’ll get better as I go.

Why 18 laps? On one of the websites I read, a swimming coach said that people who are ‘in shape’ should be able to swim 18 laps in a row, and for some reason that stuck with me. So that’s my new goal! 7 years ago

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