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kinorkaholApr 2014 - 3

I finished “A Room of One’s Own” by Virginia Woolf. I found myself agreeing with her many times, and admiring various details and examples she had used, but I wasn’t as engaged in this book as I would have liked. However, I will take her advice, which was to write what I think and to read.

Total books read this year: 3/12 5 days ago

alex_andrea 5 days ago

Ru ~ dig deeperSavage Love

New read: Savage Love by Douglas Glover

I’m still slowly savoring Carroll’s poetry in the tub and enjoying nightly chapters of The Neddiad with Isak, but thought I’d start some dry-land stories for myself as well. This one was freshly in at the library and caught my eye.

Savage Love marks the long-awaited return of one of Canada’s most lauded and stylistically brilliant authors. Glover skewers every conventional notion we’ve ever held about that cultural-emotional institution of love we are instructed to hold dear.

Peopled with forensic archaeologists, horoscope writers, dental hygienists, and even butchers, Glover’s stories are of our time yet timeless; spectacular fables that stand in any era, any civilization. Whether writing about sexually ambiguous librarians or desperadoes most despicable, Glover exposes the humanity lurking behind our masks, the perversities that underlie our actions.

Savage Love heralds the return of a master, with laugh-out-loud stories of the best kind, often completely unexpected, rife with moments of tragedy or horror. This is Douglas Glover country, and we are all willing visitors.”
1 week ago

GirlyMcWhirlyI have just begun this goal.

Since losing R a few weeks ago I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching and I’m trying so hard to reinvent myself. The events leading up to, during and after R’s passing made me really interested in how events sometimes conspire to provide you with just what you need at just the right time. This in turn made me interested in looking for a deeper meaning to life. That brought me to buy the book “Just ask the Universe” by Michael Samuels. I read it in about an hour as there isn’t much to it. I’m not sure how literally I take it and it’s not quite the book I wanted, but I got two really nice concepts from it – concepts that I have always known yet failed to implement in my own life:
1) Give more than you take in life
2) Be thankful for the life you currently have while waiting (or working toward) the life you want.
An interesting and worthwhile read and I’ll definitely be altering some of my ways because of it. 1 week ago

alex_kapin 2 weeks ago

Dreee 2 weeks ago

Maggiebash97 3 weeks ago

Yisraela Ruth 12 months ago

charmingmanukTwo down

Finished Morrissey’s Autobiography. Interesting for me. Mostly very well written at sentence level but not very balanced as a book. 50 pages on his lost trial and only 60 on the Smiths!!!

Next two books cued up:
Og Mandino – The greatest Salesman in the World (have wanted to read this for ages)
Dean Koontz – Watchers (a gift from my wife) 3 weeks ago

pineappleowl 3 weeks ago

rjecks 3 weeks ago

Todd Schoonover 4 weeks ago

OasisOfCalm14 March

Started reading “The Wind in the Willows” by Kenneth Grahame. Haven’t read a lot so far, but will read some more.

I’d had a break from reading, didn’t realize it’d been so long – but it was actually ‘cause I watched a show called “Bringing Books To Life” that I felt like reading again.4 weeks ago

bbcoachjgray 4 weeks ago

CandyBlack 4 weeks ago

LexLuthor99 4 weeks ago

kinorkaholFeb 2014 - 2

Poverty. Food. Life. These are what stand out after having finish the final words of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith. It was heartbreaking, beautiful, and memorable. It wasn’t as gripping as I would have liked (it’s not one of my all-time favorites), but I’ll remember the coffee and the Rommeley women for some time.

Total books read this year: 2/12 1 month ago

charmingmanukOne down

Ok it was the world’s shortest book. And not the best. But “60 ways to feel amazing” has been read. Let’s see if I can finish the Morrissey Autobiography this month! 1 month ago

SarahDarling 3 months ago

Δημητρής Αθανασόπουλος 1 month ago

GirlyMcWhirly 1 month ago

Ava 1 month ago

ghassoune 1 month ago


I pick up toooons of books, all the time. Even start them. Problem is, I get distracted with one thing or another and never finish them; so, the goal? Not only READ MORE BOOKS…... but FINISH THEM! I see a lot of the times people often average about 2 to 3 books a month, but I’m going to keep it simple and not out-due myself, start slow. Keep it at about 1 book a month. Or 2 (maybe an educational 1, and a work of fiction). 1 month ago

AntonioDrake 1 month ago

nonnovo 23 months ago

bjolie69 1 month ago

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