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1st neph has a bday comin up. sent him a sweet bball net for his room – not the flimsy nerf kind but a serious one with a nerf ball.
he’s mad into sports these days, particularly bball i understand, so was enthused to encourage it.
ultimately though it is the one-on-one’s and games with his dad i look forward to the most.
so much love for those kids. 6 months ago

canadian_77 11 months ago

fluffy_powfun to send books and mag subscriptions

i love it 11 months ago


honestly i don’t know how to do this from the other side of the world. my way of showing them love would be cuddles and reading them stories and playing. and i can only do those things once a year tops. i don’t know if i’ll ever achieve this goal. 12 months ago

Peggy HillSnowed In

Got snowed in with the nieces and nephew and spent the entire time playing with them! 15 months ago

synthasam 2 years ago

Peggy HillThanksgiving

Spent a good chunk of time playing with the nieces instead of relaxing with the grown-ups. I am tired but it was worth it! 17 months ago

kerfuffled 18 months ago


Little rugrat turned 1 on July 21st and I would like to think I have succeeded at being a good aunt so far. I’m now about to give him a cousin too :) 19 months ago

Lenesi 2 years ago

Peggy HillAunt Award

I think that I may deserve an aunt award by the end of this summer.

At the beginning of the summer, my husband and I spend a week at Disney with one set of nieces and nephew. Then we spent a weekend at the beach with another set. Today the third set of nieces are spending the day at our house playing video games. And finally, next week my oldest niece will be staying with us for a week.

I miss out on so much of their lives during the year that I make a strong effort to see them in the summer. But this summer has included an impressive amount of time with them, especially when you consider that the ones located closest to us are 120 miles away. 21 months ago

Sogotodi 21 months ago

Peggy HillNiece Visit

My niece is visiting for a week later this summer. I am so excited! 21 months ago

Zanna Campanulalook what i just found

in my spam folder.

for some reason, my email system has recently decided that my dad is spam, and i can’t convince it otherwise.2 years ago

Peggy HillVacation

We are going on a one week vacation to Orlando with my nieces and nephew this summer. This will be some great quality time and hopefully create awesome memories. 2 years ago


He’s not even mine but the highlight of my life! I hope to be the best auntie I can possibly be :) 2 years ago

Peggy HillCell phone

My eldest nice has her own cell phone. So I called her this week and she talked and talked and talked… It was adorable. I am going to try to text or call her weekly even if it’s just to say hi. 2 years ago


I love my little niece. She is one and a half years old.
I wanna be a great auntie for her! 2 years ago

Kiki 2 years ago

GraceNew Nephew

Being newly married, I have acquired a nephew to be good aunt to. I am pretty excited. 2 years ago

Grace 2 years ago

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