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List 100 reasons I love my boyfriend


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ellegrl28making new reasons every single day he is SO INCREDIBLE!!!!

!. his kindness
2. his sexy blue eyes
3. his chiseled face
4. his blond hair
5. his KILLER rock-hard bod
6. his laugh
7. his southern accent
8. his 6-pack
9. his huge chest
10. his massive biceps
11. his height
12. his chivalry
13. his humor
14. his 6’2 frame
15. his freckles
16. the fact that he is a model too
17. his long legs
18. his faith
19. his consistency
20. how protective he is
21. his masculinity
22. how he’s a country-boy
23. his spontaneity
24. his thoughtfulness
25. his ability to communicate
26. how he remembers every tiny little thing i say
27. his work ethic
28. that he’s moving across the country to be with me
29. how he holds my hand everywhere we are
30. how he shows me off to everyone he knows
31. how close he is with his family
32. how he takes care of me
33. how he makes love to me
34. how he works to please me
35. how he surprises me with kisses at random
36. how he cherishes me
37. how he takes no bs from anyone
38. his courage
39. his trust
40. his big hands
41. how he makes me feel so delicate
42. his sureness
43. his ambition
44. his loyalty
45. how he calls me without fail every day, 2x a day, at least
46. how much he says he loves me
47. his music
48. he sings to me
49. his courtesy
50. his outgoing nature
51. he watches movies that i want to watch
52. he cooks for me
53. he calls me his queen, and treats me as such
54. his temper (sexy!)
55. his heart
56. he’s a leo
57. how he shows me new things
58. his optimism
59. how he reassures me whenever i need it
60. he’ll take me dancing
61. he wants to marry me
62. how much he wants kids
63. his HUGE D#*&!
64. his willingness to do the new and unknown
65. how much he loves sports
66. he likes the red sox cuz I like the red sox
67. he talks about the future with me
68. he’s not afraid to speak his mind
69. he understands emotion
70. he SHOWS his emotion
71. his style
72. how he cleans up
73. he loves exotic animals
74. he’s supportive
75. he spoons me even if his arm falls asleep
76. he gets my sarcasm
77. he can’t wait to meet my family
78. he likes the Lion King
79. he wants to travel the world with me
80. he’s a daredevil
81. the fact that he was a playboy til he met me
82. he wants his mother and me to be close
83. he wants to give me the spotlight and be my #1 fan
84. that he discusses serious topics with me
85. that he asks for my advice (sometimes)
86. that he thinks i’m the sexiest girl alive
87. his big truck
88. that he can be gentle and tender
89. that he’s a little bit of a bad boy
90. that tells me he needs me
91. that he sees us as a team
92. that i can tell him anything
93. that he’s diligent about his fitness
94. that he scoops me up like he’ll never let go
95. that he’s responsible when needed
96. that we can lounge around and still be wildly in love
97. that he brags about me
98. that he wants us to be together for eternity
99. his reliability
100. THE FACT THAT ALL OF HIS LOVE IS FOR ME!!!!!! <3 2 years ago

ellegrl28 2 years ago

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