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Eat a burrito for all three meals one day


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sipes23Very strange dietary circumscription

I usually eat whatever I’ve got at home or what sounds good or what is available on the road. Dietary limitations aren’t usually anything I have. After all, I don’t eat kosher and don’t have to avoid gluten.

So this was a strange experiment. It nearly failed though. In Indianapolis—burritos are good road food–I nearly failed. I pulled off of the interstate and didn’t see a single restaurant. Luck rescued me quickly. There was a Taco Bell. Burrito 3 was found, until I saw a place promising a burrito as big as my head a block closer.

Breakfast: McDonald’s Breakfast burritos
Lunch: At Cielito Lindo in Lexington, KY
Supper: La Babma in Indianapolis, IN 6 years ago

Laurel Fanmissed burrito day

Maybe next year 7 years ago


Turned out I was sick to the stomach this day, so my meals were a bit skewed and lacked breakfast, but both lunch and a very late dinner consisted of burritos. Tasty. The key was variety, and while I didn’t get to try either a dessert of breakfast burrito, this isn’t too hard once you dedicate yourself to it. 7 years ago

ericericericIt's so...

rewarding…especially if you have Chipolte burritos (steak, cheese and salsa only)

The best part is you may get so sick of burritos you choose to eat healthy for the next few months…not me though…I am a die hard, actually, I may die hard eating like that :-) 8 years ago


it was a lot of burritos. I can’t eat burritos for at least another week. 8 years ago

Joe Goldberg4 burritos

Yesterday was amazing, thank you to everyone who participated, whether it was volunteering, eating burritos, or even just thinking about eating burritos!

Here are some Burrito Day photos

Stay tuned for the 2nd Annual Burrito Day! 8 years ago

JasonKillgoreTried and Failed

I tried to participate, but sadly failed. We were backpacking on burrito day, but being the well planned folks that we are, packed 4 tortillas and some potential fillngs to ensure our success. Sadly, things started off a little roughl; For breakfast we made dehydrated bacon and eggs breakfast burritos, but the cold night left my stomach unsettled, and I could barely stomach a single bite. I tried to redeem myself at a late lunch in leavenworth by ordering a monstrous burrito expresso. It was quite good, but I could only finish half. No worries, I figured I’d eat the leftovers for dinner and the mission would be complete. Strangely, my appetite did not return and the leftovers remained unconsumed for the evening. Oh well, hopefully next year I can step up to the plate in better style :( 8 years ago

Daniel SpilsI ate burritos all weekend

Yesterday I started with a couple small breakfast burritos (eggs and chorizo). Lunch was a prawn burrito and dinner was a simple cheese burrito and a honey burrito for desert.

On Saturday I unintenionally began eating burritos as my brother was helping me with my deck and wanted a burrito for lunch. Then Davis wanted a burrito later that night on our way back from a party so we stopped off for fish burritos.

More on burritos. 8 years ago

catspajamasLater in the day

I had a basic bean and cheese burrito for lunch. Very simple. For dinner I made burritos for the family- with everything. I sauteed the onions and bell peppers, made guacomole, added sour cream, fresh salsa, black olives, tillamook cheddar, and refried pinto beans. Served them with some chips. Very good. Is this going to be made into an annual event? I could do this monthly! 8 years ago

CGFeeling OK

I cooked up some breakfast burritos for the family this morning, improvising a bit from a recipe found in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. It was basically cheesy scrambled eggs with cilantro, chili pepper, and scallions inside a warm flour tortilla topped with a little fresh salsa. Definitely an unusual breakfast at our house.

Lunch was a hurried affair since we needed to hit the road to Tacoma. I had a coconut curry “burrito” from Epic Gourmet foods. It may really have been more like a “wrap” than a burrito but it was close enough in my book, a tortilla filled with rice, tofu, veggies, coconut milk, basil, ginger, garlic, lime juice, spices, etc, that ate like a burrito.

Dinner was in Tacoma. I did a few quick searches for good burrito joints just before we left and hit upon La Fondita as a possibility. It turned out to be an OK place on Proctor near UPS with a family-friendly vibe. I ordered the veggie burrito (of course). This thing was very wholesome. A whole-wheat tortilla filled with brown rice, sauteed vegetables, black beans, and nothing sinful, no sour cream, no guacamole, not very much cheese. Thus, it was pretty boring and it didn’t leave me feeling over-stuffed. I was kind of looking forward to a super sloppy burrito to finish off the day, but I’m glad not to have that big-rubber-ball-in-the-gut bloated feeling afterward.

I would definitely do this again. I’ll be making a lot more breakfast burritos in the coming weeks. Thanks, Joe, for the inspiration! 8 years ago


First I lightly sauteed some onions, and orange bell peppers, in olive oil. Then I added two eggs, scrambled with milk. After cooking the eggs I sat them in a warmed flour tortillas, then added some Katrina’s fresh salsa, and grated tillamook cheese. Yum! 8 years ago

catspajamasStocked up on fixin's

since I will be home all day Sunday. I started to get some pork chorizo, for the breakfast burrito, but I read the ingredients list . It included pork cheeks, salivary glands and nymph nodes. I respect the honesty of the label, but had to put it back. I’ll just have a breakfast burrito that is a little less authentic. 8 years ago

Daniel Spilssuggestions for eating burritos out this Sunday Oct. 22nd

A few suggestions for burritos this Sunday:

Tacos El AsaderoLa VacaEl Quetzal

Any suggestions for a decent breakfast burrito in Seattle? I’ll likely make that at home. 8 years ago

Joe GoldbergBurrito Day is Sunday!

This is it folks, we’re in the final stretch before burrito day. I’ve been in a serious training regimen, with a huge uptick in burrito consumption. Burrito Evangelists are roaming the city, spreading the burrito gospel. You can almost taste the guacamole in the air around here.

On Sunday, there are two burrito events you can join:

1. Volunteer at a food bank, then go out to lunch (10:30am)
2. Potluck dessert burrito party at the Alibi Room (8:00pm ish)

Hope to see you there! 8 years ago


So, being a burrito evangelist is really fulfilling. It gives my day meaning, and I may have to go on being an evangelist even after EaBfATM. 8 years ago

stacyeating burritos all day IS the prize

i’m very glad to see all of you have decided to come to your senses and enjoy tasty burritos all day long. but i must say that i’m shocked and a bit sad that so many grown adults haven’t done this before. i don’t understand how it’s possible.

i have probably gone days eating nothing but burritos. i mean, c’mon, if you’ve made a huge pot of delicious chile verde – are you going to want to eat anything else? [disclaimer: my dad is hispanic and i did grow up eating lots of mexican food and tortillas with every meal. but i’ve reflected on this and decided that isn’t why i’ve completed this goal countless times. i’ve decided it has much more to do with my lady-bachelorhood. no one’s ever been around to give me the stink eye and say “you’re eating a burrito again?!”]

good luck. and i’m betting this will become a regular thing for many of you.

ps… may i recommend for your breakfast burritos you try either chorizo with scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs with napalitos. some of my favorite breakfast choices. 8 years ago

Joe GoldbergBurrito Day Prizes

I just got the secret prizes for burrito day participants. I’ll carry them around with me and give them out to burrito day participants. Check out Laurel’s if you see her… 8 years ago

Joe GoldbergOn Burrito Day, Help Those In Need

The 1st Annual EaBfATMD day coincides with a fitting opportunity to volunteer at a local food bank. Just think: in between your breakfast burrito and lunch burrito, you can help needy Seattleites get the ingredients to make their own burritos!

Here’s the scoop:

Sunday, Oct 22, 10:30 – 1:00
Acme Food Sales warehouse
5940 First Avenue South, Seattle

Non-burrito refreshments will be served
After the event, we’re going out for burritos in the area.

Hope to see you all there! 8 years ago

CGTraining day

Without even meaning to I ate a burrito for lunch and for dinner today. So I guess that means I’m officially in training.

This should be a piece of cake, or something. 8 years ago

Joe GoldbergBurrito Day party location: Alibi Room

Maria Hong, the person who put on the dream interpretation panel at Bumbershoot was nice enough to let us share the basement at The Alibi Room with her birthday party, so that’s where we’re having our dessert burrito potluck!

Sunday, October 22nd, After Dinner, Alibi Room Basement

I just ordered the secret prizes for the people who actually eat a burrito for all three meals that day…But of course everyone is more than welcome to come celebrate!

Here’s the background info on the festivities 8 years ago

catspajamasThe calendar in my PDA now states

Eat a burrito X 3 for October 22nd- as an all day event. This is a goal I will truly enjoy executing! 8 years ago

Robert CottrellThe International EaBfATMD

Alright, after all of the burrito messages I’ve been seeing today, I think I’ll have to join in from across the pond. There isn’t as much in the way of Mexicanish food around here but I think I might be able scrape something together.

There is a French crepe stand down the street. That’s sort of burritoish, although I’m not sure if it’s close enough—maybe for the dessert burrito? Judges? 8 years ago

MaggieGuess who ate a burrito for lunch?

Oh, it was ME! I’m already in training, suckers. 8 years ago

Joe GoldbergSunday, Oct 22 is Eat a Burrito for All Three Meals Day (EaBfATMD)

Wow, response to this was really awesome, so I’m making this an official holiday! Here’s the plan:

Everyone mark Sunday, Oct 22nd on your calendar. That’s going to be Eat a Burrito for All Three Meals Day. Deciding what constitutes a “burrito” is left as an exercise for the eater.

Don’t eat dessert, because at the end of the day, I’m hosting a dessert burrito potluck, which will feature everyones’ favorite dessert burrito recipes and burrito music. Anyone can come, but EaBfATMD participants will get a special prize.

Update: the party will be at The Alibi Room8 years ago

Joe GoldbergBurrrrrrito Day

here’s the plan:

breakfast: huevos rancheros-ish breakfast burrito
lunch: something light (chicken and salsa verde?)
dinner: normal burrito

snacks? maybe mini burritos?

this is going to rule! 8 years ago

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