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Sweet_Lemon is happy ;)

How to grow my nails
It took me
17 years
It made me
happy and proud

lemonwater sembrava la fine del mondo ma sono qua...

How to attend Keith Code's Super Bike School
It took me
10 years
It made me

alex_andrea is starting to improve my life

How to see my Sister this April 17
It took me
1 day
It made me

Straha is drinking coffee and writing.

How to become a private tutor
It took me
2 weeks
It made me

KleinerFalke Hello spring!

How to get a bike
It took me
2 months
It made me

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sarahinparis 2014 Word for the Year : KINDNESS

enjoy my life every day (read all 20 entries…)
I have a nice life

I’m very grateful for how nice my life is

- I’m in good health
- So is my family

Frankly, I could stop there, because that’s the most important…

But also

- I have nice tea
- We live in a lovely house
- My husband is kind, hard-working, and very smart
- My son is clever and sweet and creative
- My daughter melts my heart with her smile and cuddles
- My stepson is funny and bright and even-tempered
- I am on a diet that I find very liveable and nice
- I have some nice friends, and am deepening friendships with a few new people

Ricky Arshi
R2 Developments And Ricky Arshi: Who Are They?

Ricky Arshi is an investor from Calgary who works in a variety of markets. He is primarily an investor in the real estate, oil and gas services market and also invests in technology as well as manufacturing startups. He currently manages several blooming businesses in many industries and sits on the board of a handful of organizations that includes his own personal foundation “Arshi Family Foundation.”.

Over the last few years, Ricky Arshi has expanded his experience from managing a large sales team to overseeing the development of a medium sized real estate company. Ricky has been instrumental in creating the corporate structure of the projects he’s worked on. He’s also ensured that they stay highly functional and profitable at the same time.

Ricky likes working on new opportunities as and when they come his way. He has access to a few large investment groups and numerous advisors who participate in funding new and interesting projects.

Ricky Arshi has always been extremely accessible as an advisor and he has a lot of advice that can help budding entrepreneurs. He is experienced in a variety of markets and his interpersonal as well as team building skills can be valuable to any budding organization.

sarahinparis 2014 Word for the Year : KINDNESS

write a memoir (read all 3 entries…)
We have a book contract!

Time to get serious about finishing this up!

stuffedpenguin back to this site and more motivated than ever ! =)

Live in at least 10 different countries

List of countries I have lived in so far (except passport country):

1)Kenya (3months)
2)Italy (1.5yrs)
3)UK (at 2 diff points of my life – first for 1.5yrs over 14yrs ago, 1yr about 5yrs ago)
4)Hong Kong (1yr)

(I’m defining living to be abt 2-3months or more)

stuffedpenguin back to this site and more motivated than ever ! =)

keep a daily food log (read all 2 entries…)
new food log

i had stopped tracking my food intake over a yr ago and its made me more prone to reachign out to junk food. and its time i started tracking it again!

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Complete Whole30 program

In response to letterboxer's entry, "Day 9"…
Untitled — 8 minutes ago

I did a W30 in March (AIP-style, actually)

Are you starting over tomorrow (the strict way) or just continuing? Or maybe tack one extra day on at the end?

keep a daily food log

In response to stuffedpenguin's entry, "new food log"…
Untitled — 10 minutes ago

I tracked every day between Valentine’s day and Easter. Glad that’s over now, but wow, it’s always eye-opening!

Complete Whole30 program

In response to letterboxer's entry, "Day 9"…
So good! So good! So good!  — 1 hour ago

Glad to do the hard work on regular days so I can celebrate wih friends and family on the fun days! :) the bad news is that even though I sent many folks home with leftovers, all the rest of that yummy food is still in my fridge! Today is the day for willpower!!!

Read these books in 2014

In response to Raindrops_On_Roses's entry, "Readinggg <3"…
Untitled — 2 hours ago

Yes the movie was great, I just finished the book then watched it right away! I recommend the book though, they’re both different works of art even though they’re the same story.

April Bootcamp 2014: Coming into Bloom

In response to ElizaBen's entry, "Blooming slowly"…
perhaps, — 3 hours ago

there are times of high tides and there are times for low tides.
c’est la vie.

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